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I wouldn't want to expose my dd to the 2nd hand smoke. i go to the basement or attic, and i do it very rarely - pretty much just for pms/cramps/etc, when she's napping. we've had to ban joints from the basement since i'll smell them upstairs, but the attic is vented so it's fine up there. i haven't done more than a tiny bit here n there for a long time anyway. is anyone afraid that the DARE program will encourage kids to tell their teachers? my dd is nowhere near that old...
oht, while holding my lo, trying to get her to sleep, so i'll keep it short, but wanted 2 formally introduce myself. I've been lurking for a little while n just started posting this week. Anyway I'm a first (and probably only) time mama to a beautiful 3.5 mo girl. Vegan and planning to raise her as such. Looking for more info on anarchist parenting as well, if anyone on here is into that, please get in touch. Cheers!
HI, I'm pretty new on here. Been lurking for a little while and just started posting this week. Anyway, my name on here is a Poison Girls song. I'm just getting used to this whole SAHM thing, as my dd is 3.5 mo, and the song is highly applicable.
she did the back to front roll today! score!
We've been working on tummy time. My dd (3 1/2 months) hates it, but the more she does it the less she hates it. She's rolling now too, so she just rolls over when I put her on her tummy. At least she's getting that down. It depends a lot on her mood. If she's at all tired she won't go for it. She has to be happy, awake and engaged at all times or she just cries and lays there. Mostly she's pushing up and rolling over now. Still hasn't rolled from back to front but will...
thanks for the earplugs link! I've been wondering about earmuffs. I miss going to shows and may try taking my lo after I get her a pair.
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