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A friend of a friend delivered a Frank Breech during a hospital birth less than a year ago.....Her mother was the head nurse in the department and she was a PA at the same hospital....I don't know if that gave them some extra pull or not!
Our closest I94 exit is Osseo!!
I drive a Ford Excursion Diesel...Ford doesn't make them anymore, but I love it.  I will drive it til it dies.  If something were to happen, we'd likely get a Ford Flex....I love and need lots of passenger room!
I do!  I do the traditional method though.  Going back and catching up from birth to when I started scrapping seemed to daunting so I started by only going back one year.  I am motivated to keep up and I can go back and scrap birth to age 2 when my kids consume less of my time :)  I love it.  I have great scrap friends and can't imagine quitting!
I plan to CD my LO at least through my maternity leave....longer if it goes well!  I have a friend offering me her stash.  Here's what she's got:   So I dug my smaller dipes out. Here's what I have: 24 newborn prefolds (held on with a Snappi and then a cover over) $.75 each 13 size one Thirsties duo covers (adjustable and go over the prefolds and fit till about 8 mo.) various colors..green, yellow, blue, orange, stripes and blackbird print $5.00 each 6 size one...
My sister is a graphic designer...I asked her to make me that!  I'll let you know what she comes up with!!!!!!!!!!!  I love that tee!!!   Here is a link to some.... http://gladditudesbumptees.spreadshirt.com/mty103
I'm going to be sporting a "stainless" oven complete with a bun :)
No.  I don't believe that the chemicals in many vaxes are good for little bodies (or big bodies either)...I am certainly not putting it in my baby weighing less than a pound or two.  
Take a class, read a book or two and believe in yourself and have DH do the same.  DH knew from day 1 that I wanted a natural birth.  Find someone in real life that has had a natural birth.  I knew NO ONE!!!  A co-worker did it after me and it is comforting to hear each other's stories.  Be prepared to be your own advocate.  When the contractions got tough I kept picturing an African woman crouching behind a bush in the desert.....If she could give birth there alone, I...
I'm still in my regular clothes, but I definitely don't need a belt anymore!!!  I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow and I think we are going to out our pregnancy tomorrow.  If I put on maternity clothes I would def. look PG...
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