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Thank you!
Hello everybody,   I have a quick question. I am worried about my responsibilities as a step-mom, the legal side (for example, kid goes outside to play and gets hurt - am I to blame I was not there? or in case of anything serious - can their mother sue me?). Are there any laws defining what exactly I am responsible for? Where to find and read? Thanks.
I have a question - what is considered to be bundled for a 8-10 mo?   A layer of woolies + dawn snowsuit (Columbia, not bulky at all) - is it safe for being in a car seat? is it too warm for a 30 min drive?
I did it too. Успехов!
yea, those bright carrot poops make me ask the same questions... I am so glad that I am not alone to worry about it. Now I think it is normal developmental thing.
I am glad I have a chance to discuss this... What is a birth trauma? I feel like I have it even with my relatively easy uncomplicated birth I had. Birthing is violent no matter how it happens, I think. I mean, I've never experienced anything close to that, and it leaves me feeling traumatized, psychologically. My husband was with me all the time, helped a lot, I was kneeling on the floor with my hands on his shoulders, perfect! ... and still I can't think about...
Quote: Originally Posted by nola79 DD still smells like sweet baby, and the frequent baths don't dry out her skin. She comes out smelling like a clean baby instead of a sweaty, crusty from food baby. we live in a small village, have our own well, so the water is not treated with anything and is very good. In the hot weather I could give DD two baths a day (for p l e a s u r e!), never seen her skin "dry".
everyday. since 1 mo. part of bedtime routine. with a little baby soap. she loves it! I can't imagine not giving baby a nice warm bath before putting her to sleep after long day.
Quote: Originally Posted by MegBoz My DS was positioned perfectly - didn't have any back labor. If felt like bad period cramps at first. In transition, I remember it was very painful, but I honestly can't recall the sensation! When I realized it the next day or so, I thought maybe there is a tiny bit of truth to that saying about maternal amnesia - you forget the pain. If you ask me what it feels like to stub your toe, have a hangnail, have muscles...
The same thing happen to my daughter at 11 weeks - suddenly started screaming in the bathtub. She loved bath time before. I changed temperature - did not help. So I just waited thinking it is something that go away with time. It did stopped after a week or so. I found it is important to take her out of the bathtub as soon as she gets upset and make her warm and cozy in the towel right after she is out. Another thing that helped to brake the habit of fuss - give her a bath...
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