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We are planning on having 2.5 YO DD at the birth in January. I am with a MW in a hospital setting. We do not have family near by, but my mom is talking about coming up. Our bare bones plan is have DH be DD's labor support person and we have a doula for me. So he can come and go with her as needed. I'm not sure how this would play out differently if my mom is here, I don't want her at the birth, so DD might stay home with her in that case. And we haven't decided what we...
I switched at 22ish weeks. I just wasn't feeling it. Same hospital based midwife and ob practiced that delivered my daughter. Her birth was a fine, intervention free affair but only so because I arrived at the hospital fully dilated and pushing!   After asking around I found a another hospital based midwife practice that fit so much better! They have really taken the time to get to know me. I am truly a part of my own team and haven't been pressured or bullied...
It is totally possible to find someone who will support you in what you want. I am forgoing my homebirth for peace in my marriage and started asking moms, midwives and doulas I know for recommendations on who would support me in the birth I want and I was guided to a wonderful practice that is such a good fit! So ask around, go to my tribe and see if you can make a connection for your new location. GL!
...this is so odd to me and I don't live in a particularly bf-ing friendly area. Keep your baby close (in room, no nursery), put them to the breast often.   Babies need the colustrum...not formula. Besides their tummies are like the size of marbles when they are born! Be vocal, be an advocate and make sure your partner and doula are on board.
DD woke 1-2 times a night from around 14 months to 24 months. On her own, she started sleeping through the night at 2. I weaned her about 4 months later because she was only nursing 1-2 a day and my milk had dried up from pregnancy.
GIRL Here! I was thinking girl (dreams mostly) even though this pregnancy has been so different from my first.   Mostly sure it's a girl anyway... She kept her legs tight together, crossed at the ankles the whole time. Tech did see 3 lines but no clear 'hamburger'. She checked profile though and didn't see any boy parts that way either.
Well, I only have one babe at home and another on the way. Cleaning and chores are a constant lament in my house too. Neither of us like to do it.   The way I have gotten through it was first when DD was still young, I had to kind of decide what was worth my mental and emotional energy and what wasn't. If there was a particular thing that was bothering me, then I fixed it there and then. (dishes in the sink, grungy toilet, whatever) If I could live with it, I did....
Mine broke with crowning also. I went very late to the hospital with a fast labor (like I got to the hospital and had a baby in arms in <10 min)
We have Waiting for Baby and My New Baby by Rachel Fuller. They have very little text so it is easy to expand your own ideas.   We also have What's Inside Your Tummy, Mommy? and DD (28 mo) really likes it.
We have the same! A Queen and a Twin on the floor with the twin smushed between the queen and the wall. The queen in DH's domain. I float depending on the musical bed scenario (DD on twin, us on queen/DD and me on twin, everybody on queen. DH and DD on queen/me on twin) It has worked well and I'm now considering an expansion with number 2 on the way. LOL
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