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Congratulations! It sounds like you're probably going to get your milk in before he moves to the NG tube anyway, but that's great that they have a milkbank you can use. I hope you guys have a short stay and he starts nursing well right at 35 weeks and you can bring him home to be with the rest of your family for Christmas.
With my DD, I lost it in bits for about a week before my water broke. It was just clear. It was obviously the mucus plug. With my son, I didn't lose it until I was in labor, I think. Sometime at the hospital.
Quote: This is basically what I was going to say. If you see that your partner is distressed or uncomfortable with your pain, it may make it harder for you to cope and accept the pain as just part of the process. You may feel the need to "feel better" so that your partner can feel better. And so many men don't want to know anything about the birth process before it happens, I don't think they are really prepared for it, and they can't understand why you would choose NOT...
That is ridiculous. I DO have a history of PTL and I wasn't told to wean my DD during my pregnancy with DS until the contractions became uncomfortable and I was put on bed rest. And it had nothing to do with the nursing. My OB and my MW assured me of that. And to top it off... My son was huge. Ok, so he was only 5lbs, but at 33 weeks that is quite big. I can safely say, DD wasn't stealing a thing from him.
How serious are they as a couple? If you think they are gonna (or might) last, I'd let it go. But if you think it might not... Maybe tell her (or even just talk to him about it) that it feels like it's too soon for her to be "auntie" because you are not in their relationship and you don't know for sure that they are going to last. Even though you hope they do. And you'd rather not have to explain it to your kids later if the worst happens.
I haven't really seen it because my kids aren't school aged yet... But I don't think I'd like it. It's fine for say... Daycare/Preschool workers who are unmarried and/or like a more informal environment. I think people are trying to get their kids to be respectful of the fact that you are not peers, without making it too formal. I, however, am not comfortable with that. I don't want children who are not related to me using my first name. And I'm not a "miss." So my...
I have 2 kids... I seriously had someone (at a party I was at WITH MY HUSBAND) ask if the kids were both his. They are only 2 years apart, and I'd been married 3.5 years at the time... It was odd. That is nothing compared to the stuff I have encountered at hospitals. When I had my DD, they didn't even bother to ASK if I was married. So later when someone came in to get some info for the birth certificate and such, they said something about my being single so I'd need to...
HUGS. Sorry you're having a tough time right now, mama.
We have a kinokuniya inside the Uwajimaya in Seattle. I love that store. I wish I got up to it more often.  
 This sounds like a reasonable idea. Then your baby is only exposed to one extra child, and your daughter can still be entertained while the nanny has her hands free to care for the LO.
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