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Yes. But just one friend. I already have 9 siblings, and DH has 3... so what's one more? :) And it helps distinguish if I am talking about DD's friend Katie or MY friend Katy if I am talking to the kids.
I don't know... I just suddenly really wanted another baby. Which was a complete 180 for me. Before having kids, I wanted 4, 2 years apart each. But then I had such a rough pregnancy and gave birth at 27 weeks... and I never wanted to do it again. But one day I woke up and wanted another. So we decided to get my implant out and use NFP until we thought the time was right (we decided Oct so we could have a summer baby)... But I got pregnant that first month. Lol. And then...
My midwife does twins, but she said the exact same thing about breech birth. She only attends births between 37 and 42 weeks, but I think that is one of the rules for licensing in our state. And you'd be surprised what doesn't risk you out. I have a cerclage placed because I've had 2 very early babies due to IC and she still took me on. As long as I make it to term, the OB can remove my cerclage in his office and then she can come attend my hb whenever that happens. :)  
LMAO. Nice.   Sizes change every couple of years. And based on brand. I prefer to buy pants that don't have those kinds of sizes and just go by waist measurement. That way you know for sure. (Also, those brands tend to have options with shorter inseams since I'm a petite person) You know if you are a 25 you will still be a 25... no matter what. But that might be a zero in one thing and a one in another.
I haven't done anything to my hair yet this pregnancy... But I usually end up with at least one relaxer. If the budget allows, I'll get lucky and have straight hair again soon(ish).
Lol. Helpful guy, huh? That's priceless.
My DD dry nursed adamently through my pregnancy with my son. Unfortunately. Lol. Weaning her because of the contractions REALLY sucked and I felt awful, but I was pretty happy not to tandem, honestly. DS weaned so early (14 months) that I almost considered trying to talk him into re-latching when this baby comes (he'll be 22 months) but I've decided against it. I have to pump for a vacation late next year and since I need to get used to pumping in order to build supply...
I had my wisdom teeth out shortly after the birth of my son, and was assured that as soon as I was awake enough, I could nurse him. Not like "as soon as I woke up" but as soon as I was no longer drowsy and could be trusted to hold a newborn. The biggest issue is getting hydrated again after being out of it for that long. My supply really suffered for a couple days after that as I struggled to drink enough and get enough soft food. (Go for soup... you can swallow the...
Lol. Well, congratulations on your girl. I say you mess with him and lobby for something ridiculous for a few days. ;)
   My sentiments exactly. No way would I use that. Not even if I WASN'T the one pushing the baby from MY vagina. Veto power is especially important for mommy, I think. Since can you imagine going through labor to lift that baby to your face for a kiss, settling him on your breast to nurse and then whispering "My sweet Tecumseh"???
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