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Thanks. Good to know. Doubt I'll be flying again real soon, but I will file that away for later.  
Oh... is the body scanner different than a metal detector? We still only have the regular old metal detectors....
That's a good point... It could be a safety issue for the mother...  
A travel mug? I know my MW doesn't drink coffee, but she drinks a lot of tea and I thought having a hot beverage on the way to a middle of the night or early morning birth would be a good thing.
 I have an ankle length maternity skirt that is really cute from motherhood. I imagine they are harder to get as it gets colder though.
I was pretty sure you can't opt out of going through the scanner... Maybe that isn't true if you're pregnant? I don't know. I always go through it. Pregnant or not. So I've done it (over the course of 3 pregnancies) 8 times. And it NEVER occured to me not to.
Unless you think she is abandoning her child, you shouldn't call the police. But you should really give her a piece of your mind when she comes back around! I had someone do this to me once. She left her kid with me all the time. It creates a very annoying pattern. At least I was his nanny, so I was totally prepared.
Quote: We haven't reached what to tell K to say to other kids... She really only sees other children at church. Nobody has asked her what she wants from Santa, but we did see a Santa in the mall. She tried to remember his name and it was pretty funny. We told her that some kids get their pictures taken with him around Christmas but she didn't have to. We do let her wear a little santa dress (and M gets a santa outfit too) and hat at Christmas to hand out gifts. She...
I figure u/s is safe enough that if you really feel like you haven't bonded and this will help, you should go for it. Of course I've had a million (not this pregnancy) because of complications and my babies are healthy so I can't see any harm in them. Plus, the pictures are pretty neat. lol. Since I had to be in all the time during my last pregnancy, the tech flipped the 3d thing on and took a few pictures for us just because.
Saw this in new posts and wanted to say Congrats!
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