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I don't have really anything in mind... I do plan to get the kids to the Science Center one of these weekends. We have most of our Christmas shopping done already... well, as far as presents for the kids go. We only have a few other people to buy for, have to do stocking stuffers and get all new decorations. Both DH and I were previously married and lost all our Christmas stuff. Blah. I have everything planned for Thanksgiving but very little space in my kitchen so I...
We try to leave my cervix alone as much as possible. Unless I am IN labor, nobody touches it... lest I end up in labor.
That's great news! Both of my kids were supposed to be taking half their feeds by bottle when they came home, but I found that taking them away made them much better nursers. So once he's stronger and he's gaining steady weight, you may try that. Just a suggestion. I am by no means a doctor.  
I have had 2 preemies. I wasn't monitored during the active portion of my labor with my first because I hadn't told anyone the contractions had really picked back up, and they rushed me to the delivery room and I pushed her out in a few minutes. But with my second, I went in at 33 weeks knowing full well what I wanted and I let them know. If there isn't a reason for them to fight you on it, they wont if you are insistent. I wasn't hooked to an IV (I had one placed and...
So... I was cooking dinner the other night and I leaned over in a way that my arm squished my boob... and it leaked! I was surprised... Especially after teasing Adorkable the other day... lol
I feel that way all the time... :shrug
I'm going to go with No. The word Christian comes from the fact that you believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God. There are other religions that believe in the same God and not Jesus... maybe you could look into one of those?
DDCC-(I sometimes lurk in here because... I am just a lurky person...) You are doing great Annette. And I think stabby is a great adjective. lol
IDK... It's kinda 50/50... The rules they have are very strict. But I have had 2 preemies and had to have a cerclage placed this pregnancy and I'm still eligible for a home birth because it doesn't actually affect labor and delivery, kwim? I didn't have any birth complications and both babies are healthy, so as long as I remain healthy and I get to 37 weeks, I am good to go.  
My first, I threw up basically from start to finish. It was awful. She was a girl. The second time, I had no morning sickness whatsoever. And I had a boy. This time, IDK what I am having, but I had some MS. Not a lot. So I have no clue.
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