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It's still kind of early yet. And you only need baby A to turn since baby B will have all that space to move around after A is out and likely will, so you can have both babies vaginally. Even if baby B stays breech, once you've delivered one baby, I've heard it's safer to deliver the second one breech because everything is opened up. Anyway... I haven't had this issue, but I hear a lot of mamas suggest spinningbabies.com. GL.
My insurance is covering most of it. It doesn't cover the cost of the birth kit, or the birth assistant. So that's $240 out of pocket. If I rented a tub it'd be about another $250. The birth center would be completely covered with no cost to me. If I was going out of pocket for the whole home birth, it'd be about $3000. I don't know how much FSBCs charge, but I know if I was going to choose one I'd use The Birthing Inn
This baby was a TOTAL surprise. DH had a vasectomy and we'd talked about maybe trying when M was 4 or 5... but apparently this baby had other plans! So I have a 3 year old, a 20 month old, and another high risk pregnancy. (My other 2 were preemies and I have IC) I freaked out for a while, since we'd just sold all the baby things. Eventually things just sorta fall into place. If you don't have time to enjoy your pregnancy, it's ok. No need to feel guilty. You'll still be...
Quote: Originally Posted by •Adorkable• Had a bit more leak while sleeping. I've never had a baby before so nothing to compare to. I assume this is ok, right? It's perfectly fine. It's a great sign, actually. Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife Anyone else low on oxygen? I get dizzy/tired spells because I can't breathe! All the time! The baby thinks it's great fun to hang out in my ribs and just squish my lungs.
I haven't been able to have sex since I got this cerclage in 10 weeks ago... so I feel your pain. We can have a club. It's kind of a sad, cranky club though... so there should be chocolate. And cake.
Quote: Originally Posted by •Adorkable• Hahahahhahahaha So I'm just laying on the couch, head on my Dh's lap all comfy... Noticed but only kinda that my arm I was laying on was damp, thought maybe I was getting sweaty? few minutes later got us to get some water(hoping to get some BH to go away) and while in the kitchen I notice my wet arm again and while wiping it off, I notice there is a 5 inch wet spot on my shirt!!!!! Hahahahah a guess my...
I know it can be scary but everything will be ok. Being strapped to your bed sucks, doesn't it? I've been there. My DD was born at 27 weeks due to pprom. It was a gross membrane rupture though, so when my water broke I sure knew it. It's good that you can get online to talk to us. And seriously, if you have any questions, ask. I had NO IDEA what I was in for with a micro-preemie and I wish there had been anyone to talk to who could have prepared me for her birth and NICU...
We aren't. Thought about it... but this is my third baby. Hopefully my first term baby and first home birth... but how much harder could it possibly be? Plus, none of the class times were convenient at all.
I don't think there is a really good way to describe what a contraction feels like. The difference is that they hurt. My braxton hicks, even the most uncomfortable ones, could never really truly be described as painful. I knew my first labor contraction because it woke me up at 6am. And I woke up at 8am with another... and I could just tell they were different. You may not know right away... but believe me, you'll figure it out.
No. I put my name out there (this is ACTUALLY my real full name... I'm totally stalkable) so I figure it's best to use just first initials. Plus, my kids have uncommon names and I'd like them to stay as uncommon as possible. Not that I'm terribly popular, but the names are awesome IMHO ()
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