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PM'd you.
DS was 6.6 lbs at birth (40wks) and 17lbs at his 3 mo checkup.   EBF, just a big baby. He was 22 in at birth and 26 in at his 3 mo.
PMed you.  
With my twins I was taking 120mg/day (4 pills 3x a day) It did nothing for my supply issues even when pumping every 2-3 hours. I guess I was just one of those women it doesn't work for.
I have Sjogren's syndrome and as a result my milk supply is very low and I'm having trouble keeping up with the needs of my 3 month old son. My pediatrician suggested a SNS and I'm having trouble finding one locally.   Does anyone have a SNS they're looking to sell? I can send paypal.   thank you
Crazy how fast this year has gone by!   It's been a pleasure ladies! I hope many of you will join us on facebook so we can share pics and stories about our "no so little anymore" bundles of joy.
Your boys are adorable! I say ID.     My twin girls, di/di, are ID and there is still a 1/4" difference in height and a few ounce difference in weight. They have mirrored birthmarks on the back of their neck and  reached milestones at the same time (they started walking within hours of each other at 12 mo, had the same first word, etc)        
My goofy little man @ 10wks. He wants to crawl *so bad*
There is already a facebook group for this DDC! Come join us.   MDC Feb 2011 DDC: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=132913830064293
        9wks and grasping/playing with toys. His sisters love to dangle toys in front of him and watch him bat at them like a kitten.
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