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I have no help but would like to see ideas too. My mega night nurser is making mom super tired!
So we co-sleep with our 3 month old baby and she's been napping on our rather tall bed  too. My almost 70 year old mom (quite active) has been watching my baby and 5 year old while I'm working part time. I'm interested in getting baby her own floor bed (Montessori style) at some point soon, but my mom wants a crib for naps because she's worried about our wiggly baby falling off the bed (and I think the concern is valid). We share a room with baby and don't really have...
Similar to our situation with our daughter but no throwing just major upsets that can last a whole day once her mood is ruined.
The other nice think about the Wrapsody is that it doesn't sag like a Moby with weight as some of you mentioned. It holds up much longer.
I would recommend a Wrapsody Balibreeze. They are lightweight gauze wraps and will work great for your newborn and up. I have several in my babywearing group's lending library and people love them.
Neuro- do you have a babywearing group in your area? As a group leader, I have met with new moms before to help them with positioning. A leader in your area might do that. Also I agree that not every carrier works for every baby. That being said, there are a lot of new safety recommendations out now- I could give you some links if you're interested, just pm me.
These are great carriers- I would love one! To get dads more amped to wear their kiddos, make guy friendly patterns including some solid colors. Also on a one on one level, go for a little hike somewhere nice and encourage him to wear baby. Lots of guys love to wear their babies in the great outdoors.
Congrats mama! Enjoy your sweet baby.
Good idea to post when we are " out". I'm out- Finley Eliza born 3/14 at home into water at 41w. So glad to see the many graduates here. The rest of you will be joining us soon though I know it doesn't feel like it sometimes. Where is veganmom... Hmmmm.
Wow mama- great job. I'll bet non of his friends will have a birth story like that!
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