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I just had our third child on March 17.  While I was in labor, my mother was asking me if I was going to get my tubes tied.  It drives me crazy.  She is so much against us having anymore and I am not sure why.  We don't ask her to babysit, she doesn't support us financially, and we never ask her for anything.  She hates that I am a SAHM.  It is like that is not good enough for her.  Then, to make matters worse, my grandfather told my other aunt to talk to me about not...
I cover for myself.  I really couldn't care less what anyone thinks.  As shown from this thread, nothing will ever make anyone happy.  If you don't cover, you offend some people and if you don't, you offend some people.  Oh well.
I didn't bf ds1.   I bf ds2 for 17.5 months.  I was 4 months pregnant at the time and it was brutal.  I never cut back on it, but noticed that he was doing that himself.  He was still waking up 4 or 5 times a night.  One day he just stopped.  He never asked for it again and that was the same day he started sleeping through the night.  I was so thankful for that.    I am due Sunday with ds3 and am not really looking forward to bfing again.  I have enjoyed these...
I am looking into Core 3 with my ds who will be in the 3rd grade next year.  I liked a lot of what I saw.  I am thinking maybe use the 2 science, 3 math and the 3 core.  I love the idea of having a schedule.  With ds2 and another on the way, I know next year will be hectic so that will help me out so much and I really like how much it seems you learn.  I am not going to be ordering anything until we go to the homeschool conference in May.  We aren't even 100% on the...
We cancel if anyone is sick.  We don't go out if we have a cold or anything.  I am kind of surprised that people wouldn't cancel or tell others that they even have a cold.  What might be a minor cold to you, could be horrible for someone else.  We spend a lot of time with dh's elderly parents.  This means they are exposed to whatever we are.  When FIL gets sick, it gets bad.  He got a stomach virus last Christmas and was in the hospital for three days.  I think it is...
I was really hoping Ada would win.  I don't think Patrick deserved it.  He was all about the money.  I don't think he has taken the lessons he has learned and taken them seriously as a life change. He will be back up at least 100 lbs by this time next year.  Ada and Frado seem to me that they will keep off the weight. 
Does anyone have any experience with this program?  I am looking into it for my 2nd grader.  It is looking like we might be pulling him out of public school after Christmas.  I have almost all of the curriculum chosen, but seem to be having trouble with science.  From what I have found on it, this seems to be a pretty good program, but am not entirely sold on it and would like to hear from people who have used it.  Thanks.
I live ein the sticks of TN and I can't name one person who has had one. I do know that the OB/Midwife practice that I have gone to for the past 10 years does not do them. I heard someone ask my midwife about them and she said that it is part of their policy. All research showed that it was better to tear so they go with that.
Is it possible to learn the Bradley method without going to the classes and how do you go about that? I live in west Tennessee and there are no natural childbirth classes closer than Nashville(three hours away). I am thinking of doing Bradley or Hypnobabies, too. I was thinking maybe do the Bradley stuff before I do the Hypnobabies course. I am determined to go natural and want to have as many tools as I can.
I don't like the volleyball players or the home shopping network girls. They both seem so catty. I liked the father/daughter team. I am not sure about the mother/daughter team. I don't really think this is the best way to get to know each other and I hope that it doesn't really screw with their relationship.
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