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We are sort of WAP/TF/Primal-ish, and my diet hasn't changed since getting pregnant really, just increased in volume.  I'm breastfeeding too so hungry all the time!   So breakfast is usually eggs of some kind with cheese, herbs, veggies, beans, whatever DH makes (he's the main cook around here and very good at it I might add ).   Lunch I usually make cos he's at work so its simple, ensalata tricolor or some king of Big Salad usually with some trout or salmon. ...
Everyone looks amazing!  Interesting some of us have high bellies, others low.  At least low you can say some of it is baby, but a high belly like mine is just pure guts at this point!    Erika your bump is beautiful and I'm so sorry to read about your precious Landen.    Baby Cakes you do NOT look fluffy at all, and your DD is so incredibly sweet in her little costume!   I love all our beautiful growing bellies
Thanks, Jillybeans, I'll check that out!
I have booked with 2 OBs, just in case, but I don't see either till end of January, when I'll be 12 weeks-ish.  I'm ok with that because I dislike doctors anyway but have to go this route due to circumstances.  I'm pretty sure I'll go with the first one, but I have a second one booked a week later in case I don't like the first!  I'm so picky and I've got to have a good feeling about them, and I have a long list of things I want done and not done during my section!  Last...
For those of you making your own diapers, do you use a particular pattern?  Or could anyone direct me to a good diaper pattern please?  Might give it a bash, as some of DD2's bamboo nappies are getting a bit crunchy!  TIA
That's what I was thinking, you definitely look closer to 2nd tri.  Do you have another u/s scheduled?  Is there any other way of getting some more accurate answers from your care providers?  PAL is hard enough as it is without this added confusion.  to you, I hope you get some peace of mind soon. Keep us posted.
Yes that is confusing, you look more like 11 weeks or so, but then the ultrasounds... I dunno, hope you get some answers soon.
Beautiful bellies both of you!  I agree Crazycatlady that your dates just might be off a bit, that is indeed a good size belly for 6 weeks!  Are you going to have a dating U/s or just wait and see?
Thanks!  Its high so I'm not having to unbutton shorts (its summer here) yet like you are, which is great.  Yeah, both baby #4 but 20 years between us, I was a late starter!
Welcome to you both!
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