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Lillian, this page is amazing!!! thanks for posting. I can't wait to dig in. ;)
I have a 3 and 4 yr old that I "homeschool." What that really means to me is that they are not enrolled in a preschool and I am an intentional mom who focuses on creating learning opportunities for them. It really comes so easily at this age as they are so interested in so much and so creative in their play. We are also planing on Homeschooling them down the road. But, I can completely understand your desire to bring some structure to your day and be able to feel as...
  kind of in between...not too heavy. I am using a Happy Heiny pocket trainer now and stuffing with one hemp prefold. that seems to be more than enough. A microfiber insert alone will be soaked though.
I found an online tutorial on youtube where you use scissors to snip the ends of the fleece at the end of the leg elastic, thread the new elastic through using a safety pin, then sew in the end of the elastic, then the fleece. The video makes it look fairly easy (albeit time consuming) and I'm back and forth about it. I've got fuzzi bunz.
Maybe this is the wrong place to ask this since most people are probably GOOD at sewing here....LOL   How hard is it for someone who can just sew a button on to replace the elastic in pockets?? I am contemplating it but am nervous I'll mess them up. 
My vote is for prefolds. I didn't read the poll, so this could all be redundant, but here goes.....just my opinion, but I really like using prefolds until the baby starts moving around a lot and then switching to pocket diapers. Though I am a faithful FB user and love pocket diapers for lots of reasons, here's why I stick with prefolds for the first 4 or so months.    1. Prefolds are great. They launder easily, they are soft and cute in their own way, they hold in...
http://www.abcjesuslovesme.com/gross-motor-skills/207Z3mommy-tip   these should work for a 5yo as well....she will be updating her site with a curriculum for 5yos this summer too if you want to check back.
I need a pull-up style cloth diaper for overnights. 3yo DS is day-trained but still wets at night. He needs something that I can stuff.  I'd love to hear what you like/don't like.    TIA!  
I have really enjoyed reading this thread! thanks to everyone who's posted...esp. the Kers for all the great ideas as I've got a 3 and 4 yo, so I've been looking at things for that level in particular.    Mine being so young and not having a very structured school day at this point, we mostly read....but, there is lots of learning taking place and it happens year round. This past year, their favorites:   phonics on starfall BOB books lots of trips to the...
I have a 3 and 4 year old...so close to you. I am not a super structured person, but I do like our days to have a certain predictability. I have wondered about how HSing my oldest will be once things get more serious b/c she is quite particular about what she likes to do too. I don't know if you'd call it "strong willed" but it seems like a lot of the time when I suggest something, she'll want to do something else or a variation of my suggestion. I have had to really...
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