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They are minutes from us...I did notice them in the Sears book too, and I wondered about them. Do you feel they are also good with other natural things like not pushing antibiotics, supporting extending b'feeding and being familiar with intact boys? TIA!     
I'm sorry, I don't have any recs for you....but I'd love to hear who you saw out in Stone Mountain as we're in that area, thanks!
Welcome! I am assuming you are in Gwinnett?  GAM is a great forum to connect with moms in your area. There are also weekly events so you can get out and meet other moms and eventually some other buddies for your child. Here's the site: http://www.gwinnettareamommies.com/  
Where can I find County save detergent in the ATL area? I know Amazon carries it, but I'd like to try it before buying the large quantity that they sell.    thanks!
I'll try and PM you later today with my 2 cents.
I had a waterbirth with Diane (Gifts from Grace) in Mar09 and a natural birth with Janet (AWS) in Feb11. I would have had a waterbirth the 2nd time as well, but the baby came faster than they could fill up the tub. Having had both, delivering in the water was much much nicer, though I did have back labor the entire time for my 2nd, so I'm sure that contributed to the additional discomfort. The water is very relaxing and I think helped a lot with the pushing. Honestly, I...
Diane delivered one of my kids. Sorry, though I don't have any experience with the Roswell group in order to compare. If you have specific questions, feel free to pm me. 
Jay Gordon's method is very similar to the pp's suggestion of crying in arms. Much gentler than traditional CIO. Even though he says not to do b/f a year, I know many people have when they are at your point and it's worked: http://drjaygordon.com/attachment/sleeppattern.html   Also, here's another gentler option for teaching them to fall asleep by themselves. We did this one with great success: http://www.parentsconnect.com/questions/good-night-sleep-lady-shuffle.jhtml
it's hard to say. there are good areas and bad areas in every location. Lawrenceville is no different. these homes look kinda old, so they may just be in an older area too. I often marvel at how one place can be so popular and known as a "good" area to live, and then 2 miles down the road, things are going downhill. It is hard enough for someone who lives here to make that decision about buying a house.(we are in this situation) I just can't imagine doing it from afar as...
I've delivered twice at North Fulton. One water birth, one planned waterbirth, but didn't quite make it b/c baby came as they were filling the tub. As a hospital, I love North Fulton. Both times I delivered, it was as close to as if I was at home as I could be. The environment and the nurses as so supportive of natural birth. Birthing in the water is so wonderful. With that birth, I honestly don't remember feeling any "pain" other than when he was crowning, and the water...
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