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If you can see Margaret, she'd be my first pick, but be prepared for a long wait time esp. now if Kay's patients move to her. Diane delivered my 2nd and Janet my 3rd. I think you would have a great experience with either of them, though I have heard several of my doula friends say they have reservations about Diane. Personally, I like her, and I also really like Janet. I really cannot imagine what someone wouldn't like about Janet (from my experience). She is very laid...
Anyone know what Dr. Hermann's office hours are? and/or if she takes well baby visits on Saturdays?
We got our 2008 Mazda5 yesterday and love it!  Actually seemed bigger to me than I expected, and when we tried our carseats in it, they all fit fine. Plenty of legroom for everyone. When I drove it home yesterday I kept thinking I was in a sports car. I got a manual, and the pick-up is even better than my 5 speed civic. I really did not feel like I was in a van at all, more of an SUV feel. 
I believe that Margaret's group at Intown Midwifery and Kay's at Alpharetta Women's Specialists do. You can find them doing a google search. 
I am so glad you started this thread! I was just about to ask the very same question. My DH and I are so conflicted. We really want the Mazda5 to work for us. We love the look, the gas mileage and that it is a smaller van. We are both the kind of people that are happy with getting by with only what we really "need" verses "want" as far as space is concerned, even though of course a traditional minivan would offer more space. I will have 2 FF convertibles seats and 1 RF...
I remember this from another thread also--apple cider vinegar--but you would need to research the amount/etc... I think too it's the organic kind you would want to use. 
I'm planning a waterbirth at North Fulton. This will be my 3rd birth. I don't want to arrive too late but also am nervous about getting there too early. Anyone birthed there or been a doula with someone at NFH? I love my midwives and trust them, but not sure about the nursing staff? when should I arrive?
Has anyone experienced an overwhelming salty taste in your mouth? I have had the metallic taste before, but this is new and really strange. Yesterday I just thought I ate too much sodium, but it continued today, and I haven't really eaten anything too salty. I do drink a lot of water too. So weird...
Not sure if there has been a thread on this already...but I'm looking for some ideas of what stuff I could be doing to prepare for a non medicated birth with #3. What kinds of things are you doing to prepare your body and mind? 
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