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Quote: Originally Posted by treemom2 and already draw better than I can lol Quote: Originally Posted by treemom2 Cons: My DS is 4 years 4 months. He recognizes his colors, letters, and numbers. He can read some cvc words, write all his letters and numbers, do some simple addition, and already draw better than I can. I wish I would have started with the kindergarten curriculum instead of the pre-K because he already knew...
My fav lately has been Tom's of Maine Gingermint (not a typical flavor). But, I've been fighting with decay along the gumline on my lower teeth and I'm really looking for an alternative to help this out (before I either have to rely on a dentist to help or the I get to something painful!!!).
Anyone out there have opinions on Tooth Soap? MDC search is down and I haven't found anything. I've heard one testimonial from an aquaintance, but would like to here some MDC opinions before I fork out the $$$ for this product. I'd love to here the pros and cons!!! Thanks!!!
love Nachos Bellgrande at Taco Bell:! I rarely get them; but, have a break-down a couple times a year. Mostly it's Subway. I never feel yucky or guilty after eating Subway.
The only ones I don't have on that list are the deep fryer, bread machine, juicer, espresso machine. I use each of the appliances I checked at least once a week (except for the microwave which I can't remember when I used it last). I really can't stand microwaves and with all the new research surrounding them, I really want to trash the one we have!!! I agree with some of the other posts in this thread. I really didn't realize how many gagets I have. Of course, I do...
What a colorful post!: 1. I love wearing a Greatful Dead tiedye under my shirt and tie at work! 2. I'm craving nachos sooooooooo bad! 3. I can't wait for summer (I'm a teacher)! 4. I picked a cucumber off my 6yo DD's plant to eat for snack today:. 5. My children are awsome!!!
F.A.L.S.E TPBM has lived in a country outside their home country.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamarhu the OT who felt it critically important that YoungSon acclimate to the noise in a bowling alley. Really??? That's one of the most far-out things I've heard. Hope you smacked the OT in the head with a bowling ball and told him to "get used to it" (I'm sure the OT will eventually acclimate!!!).
An office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet; and, there are 10 million bacteria at the place where you rest your hands at a desk.
Absolutly ROCKS!!! How about Dhal curry???
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