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My DD is currently around 24 lbs and about 29 inches tall at 16 1/2 months. Baby #2 isn't due til end of Sept so not sure how much bigger she'll be by then. I have a GMC Acadia SUV that seats 8. Will probably have 3 car seats in a row at some point so slim sounds like a good idea. Probably won't be switching cars a whole lot if it's a big/heavy seat.
Baby #1 was a surprise and it killed me the entire 9 months not to know who the little person was growing in me! It was frustrating too because at the ultrasound The tech slipped and called the baby a 'she' so then I over analyzed that the rest of the pregnancy (it was a girl).My husband is adamant about leaving the gender a surprise. I find it agonizing not to know but am afraid I'll only regret finding out with baby #2. it was truly a dramatic surprise to wait to find...
My supply has mostly disappeared fairly early on (maybe 8 weeks or so?) DD is 16 months and there's no longer drinking sounds but sometimes I notice milk droplets on the nipple when she pulls off. She still nurses all day and night for comfort, especially since she has 2 molars cutting through. Planning to night wean this summer before baby arrives.
I was so worried too when my DD still wasn't eating much by 12 months. We did baby led weaning and she mostly would taste food and then spit it all back out. Some days she didn't have any interest in tasting. I was told its completely normal for a breastfed baby and that eventually they will take more interest on her own. By 14 months she finally started eating and now all she wants to do is eat all day lol. It's been a relief sorry I don't have any advice except not to...
They call it safe by simply denying vaccines have any correlation with chronic diseases, learning disabilities, etc. And then they pay scientists and researchers to publish their findings in articles funded by the vaccine industry and lobbyist to convince the public that vaccines do not cause harm. Ugh...
Is it safe to do? Anything I need to know? I've even read that tooth x rays are fine so long as you're covered with the apron. Is this true?
I am in the market for a rear facing car seat for my DD who will be 22 months when baby #2 arrives. Looking for a highly rated seat in terms of safety and also not super expensive ($100-250 range). Would love other mother's recommendations and reviews!
Rosie Baby #2 EDD: Sept 28, but guessing I'll have an October baby! it's a surprise!
My now 16 month old DD used to love baths, swimming, and water in general. One day, nothing out of the ordinary, she decided she hates the tub and now cries and screams bloody murder. Every. Single. Time. I check the temp of the water, have tried the sink, bought toys, bathed with her, and try to make it as positive and fun as possible. Nothing works. Is this just a phase? When summer comes I'm going to get a kiddie plastic pool for the yard and I'm hoping she'll like that...
There seems to be no info available on the death rate for Canada. Even if we go with the 1 death per 1,000 cases as seen in the US, there hasn't even been 1,000 cases in recent years. Look at the amount of cases per yearhttp://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/im/vpd-mev/measles-rougeole-eng.php
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