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Thank you, you put it in better words than I can.  
It sounds like she just came here to fear monger. Never posted before the birth story?? And it seems there are a lot of non UCers who came to comment on this as well to do more fear mongering.
Prayers for your son.
I didnt check with my fingers but I did have the brown line that goes from your butt up your back and that is supposed to measure dilation as well.  Its pretty interesting.
Same here. Anytime I have had a problem it has been because of someone being there that made me uncomfortable. Do NOT like people telling me how to birth or what position to be in. I believe my body will put itself in the position it needs to be in. I get very sensitive about that.   I had my first appointment today and it went great. I read a few UC stories and I think it convinced me again to UC. I didnt know but after reading them I was like Ohhh there is no way I can...
Happy Birthday! :)
Hugs Mama
I am at the bottom of the month! I just had my first appt today, only 8 weeks ;) Still 4 to go!
I feel so indecisive this time about what we are going to do.  We are planning a homebirth again just haven't contacted a doula or a midwife or anything. We UC'd last time but I dont know if we will again. It went well, loved it. We just havent talked about it yet. I did schedule my first appointment for this Friday with my backup doctor so I will at least have the pap and all that out of the way. :)
New Posts  All Forums: