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Hi Twirlyfry- Do you mean that your children have chicken pox or that you know of cases in Plymouth? Thanks!
Great idea!  My son might need to tetanus booster.
Love my excaliber.  I did not know they made a stainless steel or I would have bought that.   I think 9 tray is the way to go.  I don't care for the noise (or heat in the summer) so I put it in the basement.  For about the same money you can but a Global Sun Oven with dehydrating kit.  However, you can't set the temperature so your food will not be raw. I just made ground beef jerky for the first time and it came out great.  I have dehydrated fruits, veggies, herbs,...
My son still does.  He has dessert daily after dinner.  If he finds something sweet at home or elsewhere, he will binge.  He does not usually feel sick from it.  Since giving up sugar, I can't tolerate it all-I will get sick. Do you think the stomachaches are what led to your daughter self-regulating??
Thanks so much for your post. Wow, what a huge change in such a short amount of time! My other son is gluten intolerant so I don' t generally buy wheat.  My son does have other grains that may be contaminated with some gluten (oats, millet etc) and I don't restrict his wheat when he eats elsewhere;so I guess he is "gluten-light"  I did have him tested and he does not have celiac but I am starting to think that none of us can truly tolerate gluten well.  
I first had a cheap dehydrator but it did not hold much  and ran very hot.  After wanting one for years, I finally bought a 9 drawer Excaliber.  It holds a ton and has a temperature gauge so you can end up with raw dehydrated food.  I have a garden so this year I dehydrated tons of summer squash into "chips", tomatoes and eggplant.  I just ate a salad topped with the tomatoes.  My kids like dehydrated apples and homemade fruit leather.  I also soak and dehydrate nuts to...
Has anyone had any experience with an ALF (advanced lightwire functionals) orthodontic device?  It is used by Dr. Koralishn and Gronton Dental Wellness in MAssachusetts.  I would be very interested in hearing your feedback. Thanks! Lisa
Contact bill@paskamansettfarms.com and he can tell you if there is a carpool for your area.
Thanks for your reply! Lisa
Does anyone know where I can have vitamin c via VI adminstered for my 6 year old?  He has mononucleosis.  I have calls in to Visions and Rothfield (have not heard back yet).  Marino Center only offers for adults. Thanks! Lisa
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