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A bit more to add:    baby pants two play mats two dozen baby toys (WHY did we have two dozen baby toys?!) 40 plastic seedling pots    67 + 302 = 369 things out of here        
Wow, I've gotten behind. We got rid of a TON of stuff (perhaps literally; we tore down an old plaster wall and carted it off to the dump).   Okay, now I've donated/given away/gotten rid of:   a ring sling two pairs of shoes four pairs of pants three lawn chairs a baby jail activity center two board books two old welcome mats three old kitchen cabinets a stove hood a kitchen sink a wobbly stepladder  a brand new carseat that was rendered useless after someone rear-ended DH...
Mckittre, that is amazing!
lilacvioletiris, I've had amazing luck selling on facultybooks.com —DH and I are faculty, but you can sell if you're a student, too. They won't take everything, but they pay pretty well for what they do take, and they'll even send you free boxes, packing tape, and mailing labels.   
This is really not even worth a post, but if I don't put it here I will surely forget. One other plastic container sent away with another friend, for a total of 276. I've also got at least four books I can sell online for a decent amount, but I'll wait to add them to my total until they are actually gone from the house.     
Oh! And one plastic storage container (filled with cookies) given away to a friend along with strict orders to NEVER return it to us. ha.   That makes 275 :)    
6 books sold to a textbook reseller for $64 and shipped out 123 (!!!) books donated to the public library 1 bookshelf given away on Craigslist 2 clothing items that don't fit DH returned to the store   = 274 things out, 1738 to go.   Aside from the motivation to keep purging, this thread is going to be excellent come tax time next year when I'm trying to remember what we donated!
34 books out of the house = 142 items now out of the house   There's another pile of stuff by the door that will bring us up to 264. Hoping to donate that stack today!
One leftover bottle of fenugreek capsules, a box of breast milk storage bags, and two board books to a friend.  108/2012    
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