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Grabbed four more things on my way out the door:   - three pieces of baby clothes - one baby gym/kicky thing   That makes 104 total. Now to get the boxes of books out of here, and then perhaps I'll start to tackle the attic or the basement.    
On my way out the door to Goodwill with: - a big pile of old mugs and dishes - a bag of crib sheets, baby clothes, burp cloths, etc. - a bag of baby toys - some pans and random kitchen items - a picture frame - a lamp shade - an old (but still working) DVD player - a random little statue thing   = 75 items total. Yay!   So that's exactly 100 items gone so far. 1912 to go.  
Oh, I am so in. We have a lot of stuff that we really don't need, and for the past year we've been receiving a steady flow of baby and kid hand-me-downs and gifts. I am definitely glad that we aren't wanting for anything, but do we really need ten pairs of fleece footie pajamas? No.    My personal variation on the rules: I'm only counting things that can be sold/donated/handed down in good working condition. Junk and broken things won't count, though we've got plenty...
Ruth Knaffo Setton is a Jewish woman writer. I haven't read anything of hers for quite a while, but I remember liking whatever it was that I read back in college. http://www.ruthknafosetton.com/
As long as her legs are in the froggy position, which is sounds like you are careful about, then her hips should be fine.    This page (by Sleepy Wrap, which is the same as a Moby), has some nice photos and drawings that depict proper leg and hip positioning for babies, as well as a good explanation about why this is not harmful, and even beneficial:   http://www.sleepywrap.com/2008/11/strollers-baby-carriers-and-infant-stress/
I only think of Morgan and Bailey as "girl" names. All the others are pretty gn in my mind, except Elliot--I've only heard that one used with boys.
Yes, Lisa Caso uses a delayed vax schedule with all her patients. We follow her schedule but I've heard from others who delay even further or decline to vax, and she is okay with that. We've very AP (co-sleep, exclusively bf to 6 months, did BLW, etc.) and she is totally fine with it all. On the few occasions where she's mentioned something we don't plan to do (rice cereal between 4-6 months, for example) I just explained what we were planning to do instead, and again,...
ugh, that stinks! What about that black plastic bird netting that comes in huge rolls? The holes in it are maybe one inch square—not big enough for someone to pull fruit through. Maybe you could rig up something so the netting is on or around the part of the tree that is accessible from the street?
As far as I know, the only functional difference is that the D wraps are a little bit shorter (maybe by half a meter or a meter?). The different styles of fabric on the D wraps look pretty cool, too! I'm sure the lost length wouldn't be a problem for most people—I'm pretty small (size 2 or 4), but I can wrap the tails of the standard Moby around my waist 3 times before tying. My DH (6'2") even has some fabric to spare when he uses it. It is sort of tricky to manage all...
Yes, a Moby wrap is great for this! I'd tie mine in the front and wear a flannel shirt, open in the front, to keep my back and arms warm. No need to cover the front—DS was a little furnace!
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