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My kid gets this! We use a little coconut oil when it appears. That usually clears it up within a day or two. It seems to be totally random and not caused by anything specific ... he's had it on and off since he was born. Ped says it's no big deal, and she sees it occasionally on babies and young kids.
I have a Boba, and I think that would work through a pregnancy (though I only have one kid, so I don't know!). The buckle part sits quite low on my hips/pelvis, and the chest strap can be adjusted fairly high--should allow for plenty of room for a growing baby.   I'd think that a woven wrap would be great, as well .... I'm sure that someone with more experience will chime in!
Indian prefolds and Thirsties Duo Wrap snap covers have been awesome for us.    I got clearance prefolds from Little Lions (http://www.little-lions.com/page50.html). Green Mountain Diapers (http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/diapers.htm) also has seconds/clearance prefolds available regularly. For a size reference, we've been using the Infant size (12x16 pre-shrinking) from birth (6.5 lbs) until now (19.5 lbs!). We don't pin or snappi; instead, we tri-fold the...
Congrats, mama! She's adorable   I also just noticed your location—I grew up in Moore Township! So strange to see someone online from a random small town that I know.
Pssst ....   I thought there were three winners? Shouldn't the first three posts that meet the requirements all win? So ... 13, 32, and 25?    
Hmm ... working from home, grading papers late at night ... do I smell University of Phoenix? ;o)   I teach online, and I found that it helped to replace my desk chair with a yoga ball. I'd bounce, sway, and rock around while I was working, which isn't exactly strenuous exercise but at least it's better than being sedentary in a hard chair. It's also great for baby positioning! Walking a lot will help, too, especially if you're pushing a stroller, carrying a toddler,...
lol. Yeah, DS spent the first few months of his life getting (my) every meal dribbled on his head. Sorry, baby!
This isn't my blog (I wish!), but I love reading what Meg at Sew Liberated is up to:   http://sewliberated.typepad.com/   Others have already mentioned Soule Mama, which is equally lovely.
With no sign of waste and so many missing, that would have to have been a pretty impressive squirrel ...   This might be paranoid of me, but do you live in an urban or suburban area where a person might have nabbed them? That would suck, but it's not unheard of. There was a NY Times article recently about people finding entire plants and such stolen from their community garden plots :(  
Clearly I'm not alone with the poop fountain experience!   When my son was about a week old, DH and I were cuddling with him on the bed after we'd taken off his dirty diaper (he'd just pooped, so it was safe for us to have him sans diaper, right?). We were admiring our squishy little naked baby and experiencing the perfect, idyllic, new family moment. I laid him on the bed between DH and I, and he suddenly tensed up, lifted both legs in the air, and shot a solid...
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