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They can mash stuff up pretty good even with no teeth!    We do: cucumber sticks, mango slices, halved peaches, cubed and steamed/boiled veggies, tomato wedges, etc.   Pretty much anything that is reasonably soft and able to be held in a fist is a good option for six months. As soon as it clicks that, "Oh, hey, this is food," they'll get really creative with techniques to appropriately ingest the stuff. Google "baby led weaning" or search here on the forums for...
I'm in! My 7.5 m.o. Is working on his first teeth and we could all use a break!
Thanks for the advice, all!   I'm glad to know that I don't have the only reeking baby. It sounds like the pad is our main issue. I'm going to try using an old wool blanket under my side of the bed to see how that works. It will also give us a little bit of water protection. Pee accidents are scarce now that we have a good nighttime diaper setup, but I know there will be some kind of major flood if we tempt fate.
Please don't blame yourself or feel guilty--an abortion is likely NOT responsible for any fertility issues, especially not if it was a chemical abortion. You can consult with your doctor just to be sure that there are no related issues, but in all likelihood your previous abortion has not caused any permanent repercussions for TTC. Here is a link with some very basic info: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/abortion/AN00633 Hugs, and good luck to you.
Gross, right? Okay, co-sleepers. I need your help. How do you manage (do you manage?) to go more than a couple of days without changing the sheets? After one or two nights, the side of the bed that DS and I sleep on ends up smelling like a baby locker room. I think the issue may be the pad we have under the sheet in case of a pee accident--it's one of those waterproof pads that they use in hospitals, and I think the backing is some kind of hospital-grade PUL. It's...
My concern wouldn't be with the baby (I know mine would have slept/nursed through at that age), but with the volume in the theater. Personally, I wouldn't be comfortable exposing a little baby to that level of noise.
I second the Boba recommendation. DH is 6'2" and it fits him fine—the straps allow for a lot of room. DS is also on the tall side (though he's only 7 months) and it will be a long time before the top of the Boba's body is even below his shoulders.
Coming back to add a link:   http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/childrens-products/   That's a database that rates products based on their toxicity. I used it to research brands when I was shopping for baby-friendly sunscreen.
Honestly, I don't think you need much of that stuff for a baby. On the vast majority of days, we use nothing at all. We have a tiny bottle of Dr. Bronner's baby soap that we'll use a few drops of when DS is super funky (he eats some solid foods now), and coconut oil (from the grocery store) for dry skin or signs of diaper rash. We don't give him baths all that often, but we'll rinse his bum in the sink or wipe him down with a damp cloth occasionally. So far he doesn't...
Oh, I forgot about Redbox! The drug store around the corner from us has a machine, so we could easily do that.   Hmm... if they can continue to add more stuff for streaming, that would make us happy. I looked at our queue last night, and out of about 100 items only a dozen or so were available for instant play. Maybe we should switch to Redbox/library for dvds and just learn to be more patient ...
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