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Donkey kicks and no sex. Awesome! Sign me up!
I recall reading the same thing not long ago, but I just read an article this morning that explained how various tv and movie studios have contract clauses that will prevent this from happening. Stuff that HBO has the rights to (Mad Men reruns, for example) won't be available for streaming for something like seven years after HBO signs them. Other companies have similar rules.Boo!
I was just coming to start a thread about the same thing. This change stinks! DH and I would like to drop them completely just on principle, but I don't know if there are really any good alternatives. Blockbuster does one DVD at a time for $11 or 12 a month, which definitely is not worth it. Rentals on iTunes are $2-5 each, depending on the movie. Hulu plus doesn't have all the shows we watch, though it would be nice to be able to see them on Apple TV. Does anyone know...
  Thanks for that link! All of the articles on that site are really interesting!  
OMG. No, no, no. Is your ped. 85 years old?    I agree with the others: get out of there! Either the spit up is normal newborn pukiness, or there's perhaps a reflux issue going on. Either way, rice cereal is not the answer!
I switch positions at night. When DS was really little (0-4 weeks old?), I mainly slept on my back with him on my chest. I felt more secure with him that way, so I was able to sleep more soundly. As he got sturdier and I got more comfortable with co-sleeping, we switched to side-lying. When I want to roll over during the night, I just flop DS over with me. When he was smaller, I'd sort of hug him to my chest and roll over with him on top of me; now that he's heavier I go...
  Yeah, that.   I just have a single kid, but I saw this in the Recent Discussions list and it caught my eye. Relatively harmless stuff (like my neighbor's advice to give popsicles to my teething baby) gets met with "Oh, that's an interesting idea," or "That would be interesting to try." Advice that I consider harmful (like spanking and cio) get a more forceful, "We aren't comfortable with that," or, "We don't ____."
We got the Chicco stroller that's linked, and we love, love, love it. We easily have a few hundred miles on it already, and it has been terrific. The complete recline was a great convenience at times, though we mostly wore the baby on walks and out in public until he was able to hold his head up well and sit semi-reclined (3 months or so?).    
We keep it fairly simple. If we ever get issues, I figure I can adjust the routine then.   We have a fairly new HE front loader and our stash is a mix of PUL covers, pockets with microfiber inserts, cotton and bamboo prefolds, and hemp fitteds. I use a detergent called Lulu's in the Fluff, which is specifically for cloth diapers. At six months, the bag is still more than halfway full.   The wash routine: Dump everything in the washer, making sure pockets are...
DDCC — Do you have a peri bottle on hand yet? You'll need it for after the kiddo arrives, but if you have one early you can use it as a DIY bidet over the toilet or the tub. Maybe that would help?
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