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My midwife has women soak in a bath with apple cider vinegar (not much--maybe 1/4 cup in the tub) around three times a week from 30 or 32 weeks on. She claims that she has never had a positive test for anyone who does this consistently. Worked for me!
Wow! We love our baby carriers here, and my DH wears the baby just as much as I do. One thing that helped me get him on board with bw was that I treated it as a totally normal, matter-of-fact thing before our DS was born. When I was researching carriers, I included him in the conversation with the assumption that he'd do an equal amount of babywearing-- "hey, what do you think of these colors?" "This carrier will be good for you because you're tall." "It will be nice when...
We seriously and strongly considered combining our last names into a new last name for our child. In the end, though, we went with DH's last name as the true last name, and my last name as a second middle name, so our son has four names: Jude Middle MyLast DHLast. It works for us, though DH was pretty bummed about not using the combined last name.
I've read a lot of midwife memoir type stuff, and I have definitely heard the third baby wild card theory before. It seems like a fairly common (mid)wive's tale.
I LOVE this!   
Totally normal. We line dry all of our diapers, but before I put a prefold on the baby I'll sort of rub it on itself really vigorously for a couple of seconds. That makes it super soft—you'd never be able to tell if it was line dried or if it came from the dryer. 
I haven't read the whole thread yet, so someone may have answered this already. The US government essentially owns the term "Certified Organic." Farms and food producers have to pay big bucks and file loads of paperwork to get certified, and that's usually way too much of a financial and time commitment for small farms. To avoid trouble with the government, a lot of farmers will avoid using the term "organic" at all and will use "natural" or "sustainable" instead. Of the...
Aww, babies!    Here's Jude at 13 hours old, the morning after he was born: Bath time, rated G: Comment from a friend: "So that's what an uncircumcised penis looks like!"    And last week, at about 10 weeks old:      
I don't know about that exact comparison, but yeah, eating non-sustainable meat is one of the worst things regular people are doing to the environment right now. There's been a lot written on this—here's a pretty straightforward article by Mark Bittman that covers it well:   http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/27/weekinreview/27bittman.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1   Your classmate's grass fed vs. grain fed claims seem pretty ridiculous, though. A sustainably raised, grass...
A boring prefold and a blue Blueberry cover. All the fun diapers are currently in the wash!
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