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Thank you sweet ladies, for your responses. meemee-thank you so much for your post, it is very helpful and makes me feel so much better. I definitely will take your advice. This morning he wanted to watch cartoons before school (something we do not do here), and when I explained no he got upset, yelled "Fine-I guess you just don't love me" and stomped off. Sigh-I did talk to him about it about 10 minutes later after he calmed down...I guess we will continue to...
I will try to keep this as short as possible...I am hoping maybe someone will have some insight as to what might be going on with my Ds... Ds has always been a great kid, still is...he is very sensitive/emotional/empathetic. Big snuggler/lovebug, bright, talkative, does well in school academically & socially. He has a fantastic imagination and plays with everything, doesn't watch too much tv and only certain shows....so really, no complaints...lol Until-over the...
The broom goes in the front hall closet next to my vacuum, as I use those everyday. My mopping bucket is in the laundry room (no mop...anti-mop).
Hmmm, I think I would have to say dishes IS a big one-if I let them sit for longer than 20 minutes in the sink, I swear they start multiplying on their own...like gremlins?!?! My other big one is making laps around the house and picking up any stray toys, books, all of dh's things he leaves everywhere...this can make all the difference from making my house look clean vs. trashed. I mop/sweep/dust/make beds constantly but it doesn't matter how "clean" my house actually...
I think one of our cheapest and most desired recipes here has to be veggie fried rice. I could seriously live off of it, it freezes, reheats good, makes a ton at a time and is ridiculously cheap & easy. Sometimes I marinate tofu and crumble that in there as well.
Do you like homemade veggie burgers? I'm not a big fan of mushrooms unless they are in the right dish, for texture reasons, so I know what you mean....but-we had a bunch a few weeks ago and I used them to make veggie burgers. It was easy and they were pretty tasty.
I did it with ds at around age 4...most of the time he enjoyed it and got to a point where he was reading at a very beginner level. When he started K he was just reading ok, now that K is almost over he is reading like a champ.
I would have been bothered by the fact that it happened, but not angry with my dh. Although, ds & I are veg and dh is not, and even though hubby tries hard, sometimes he just doesn't think about things like that. Sure he should have read the label but it was a mistake and unintentional.
Well, sheesh...I'm embarrased to say what I did, seems like nothing compared to your day SAHDS! Unfortunately I spent all my free time this morning working out and then in the dentists chair (ouch), left straight from there to get the boy. We ran back a couple of movies and then stopped to get me an iced coffee, as I was feeling sorry for myself, lol. I am happy to say that I am feeling a bit better today though... Since we've been home I haven't done a thing other...
Last night was easy peasy dinner, spaghetti & "meatballs." Tonight is tacos, spanish rice and beans. ...earlier ds and I made up a pan of baked oatmeal and have been munching since-not sure how hungry I'll be come dinner time.
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