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My chart looks fantastic this month, but despite being 24 DPO, IC (Wondfos) are BFN.   If someone thinks I ovulated later, please let me know. I take my temperatures vaginally and at the same time each morning. They've shown no signs of going lower, aside from the dip 6-7 dpo.   I also have a long list of symptoms, which I told myself are in my head unless I see a BFP.   Thanks in advance.   http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/264b5c
I agree that you should test, if you haven't already. I had a tubal almost four years ago, and conceived since. Three months ago, I had a CP.
My daughter developed hyptonia at 4 months old. It was a symptom of her condition, Rett Syndrome. A few years ago, I had quickly written down her "Hypotonia Story" on a website.http://www.angelfire.com/pa5/littleones/story.html
Quote: Originally Posted by Emmakirst well girls thanks for all the answers...i know now that i'm not preggo, still haven't started but after hubby and i had sex i had a tiny amount of blood when i wiped (TMI) but nothing else since. So it's on it's way.... If you don't want any more children, I suggest talking to your doctor. There's a chance that you experienced a chemical pregnancy. *hugs*
I had a tubal on July 19, 2005. Last month, I got three + hpts, the last one, was a BFP, without a doubt. I, unfortunately, miscarried soon after. I wouldn't be terribly upset if I conceived again. So, it can happen. Chances are slim, but it does. A friend of mine had a tubal in 1999, and had three children afterwards. The body can be amazing in it's ability to heal itself. Good luck! Just make sure you see a doctor soon, as the chance of ectopic is increased.
If while charting, you have to start waking up an hour earlier, how much will that affect your chart? Will it throw things off for the entire month?
Congratulations again : I can't believe I had missed your post here, as I tend to read these forums often.
I never had a flap near my cervix, but my cervix does get very sensitive and painful when pregnant. I know that with my last two pregnancies (didn't check with the first), and with my m/c, my cervix was hyper-sensitive to touch when checking my cp. It would feel almost as if I had hot sauce or something on my finger when checking. It's usually my first clue that I'm pregnant, along with the heightened sense of smell. There are so many weird symptoms out there.
Quote: Originally Posted by babymonster Yeah, I guess it's possible. I had an awesome looking chart that month - 2 tests like that on 10DPO, then BFNs the following day, and AF arrived on time. Who knows? If that was the only time you got any lines on that batch of tests, I would think it was more likely. With my chem pg, I had very very very light grey lines, then they gradually got darker, and were similar to what you had. Then, after I...
Quote: Originally Posted by BelovedK Could it have been a chemical pregnancy? That's what I was about to ask. It looks like one of the positives I had with my chemical pregnancy.
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