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It's been a while since anyone posted, but I will go ahead and and update that I can now run 25 minutes straight!  I started this (again, after at least two other tries) back in April so I'm not totally on track but I am keeping it up this time.  This is the furthest I've made it in the program.  The last 3 minutes were tough, but I made it.
I need any and all ideas on finding a job. I will soon be filing for divorce (he does not know yet) and need a job. I have been home with our kids for about four years, largely due to our 5 1/2 year old needing one of us home due to his ASD. Before that, I did long term contract work (ranging from 9 month to almost two years). The problems I am encountering are 1) being out of the workforce, 2) having done contract work and not a "real job" (though working 40+ hours at...
It is much more about trying to stop the behavior first than the stimming afterward. Climbing on the counters, tearing up papers, hitting his brothers, etc are not ok. If we can help those, then the behavior afterward should get better too. The techniques we use for our other kids don't work for him - redirecting, telling him no, etc. We are just at a loss on how to stop the behavior beforehand. I will try to pay more attention to the things that are going on and the ABC...
Thanks for posting this.  I have really been considering trying GFCF with my oldest son.
I am in need of discipline ideas for a 5 1/2 year old child with autism.  I feel like he knows what he is doing, yet he does it anyway.  Things like climbing onto the counters, tearing up paper, etc.  Nothing majorly dangerous, but definitely not behaviors we want him to continue.  We have tried redirecting him and he will obsess over what he is not supposed to do.  If we tell him "no", he repeats it over and over and over and over (such as "no tear up paper") and then...
Our local Children's Hospital has a social skills group that runs for 10 weeks.   If you have one nearby, that may be an option. 
Yay! I made it through Week 5, Day 3. It's my first 20 minute run and I made it! I feel really good too.
It's been two weeks since I last ran so I repeated Week 5.  I had thought about doing Week 5, Day 1 but felt good at the end of the first 5 minute run so I went ahead with Week 5, Day 2 with the 8 minute runs.  I'd made it that far two weeks ago.  I am not sure yet if I will do another W5D2 or move on to the longer 20 minute run.  I will have to see how I feel on Wednesday.
  That's great.  Keep at it and it should get easier with time.
I think I will repeat my current week. Life got in the way and I have yet to do my first big 20 minute run. I will start out trying it and then convert to either the 5 or 8 minute runs if needed. I can't wait for payday this Friday so I can get some new running shoes. I desperately need them b/c I can tell a big difference in the ones I have now since starting the program. I was already "overdue" for some new shoes.
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