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Congrats, thistlemoon!  I have a Jenevieve for my DD2!  Beautiful name and happy birthday to your little one!
Positive labor vibes to you!  FWIW, I was in the middle of a bad sinus infection when in labor with DD1.  I can't make a promise, but it seemed like once labor really picked up, my body put the sinus infection on hold - I was able to breathe during contractions much better than I had been able to breathe before.  The best way I can explain it was like my body was only able to focus on one problem.  I hope this is the same for you!
Jennyanydots - I think you've gotten a lot of good advice about depression and PPD, but in case this is a late-pregnancy passing phase, I wanted to share something that helped me.  I read this article that a friend linked to me from Huffington Post and it hit home for me.  I know the age-spread of your children is a little bit bigger, but my favorite quote is, "You are not a terrible parent if you yell at your kids sometimes. You have little dictators living in your house....
aimfatale - The hardest part about having my son in the hand-me-down pink and purple wool covers has been the comments from extended family.  My response is something similar to this infographic on "gendered toys" which I LOVE.  
 THIS.  Totally, THIS. I'm one of the biggest "natural birth" folks I know, but 41 hours of labor, pitocin augmentation, forceps, and 5 hours of pushing?  Yeah, you are a damn saint.  That is an appropriate use of a Caesarian birth, IMO, and you should not feel bad. That all being said, your baby is adorable and I am glad you're recovering well!
serena76 - You and DB are freaking adorable.  You make cute babies and you guys are a cute couple!
nettlesoup - You're in my thoughts with your birth and induction backup plan.  I hope things go just the way they're supposed to!   CDsMom1031 - Best of luck on the sweep!  It really got things going for me with DD1.   LivingSky - Whew!  What a scary thing to find out!  Good to hear everything is on the up and up and he's gaining so well!  Makes a mama proud!   To everyone losing their plug and feeling queasy - those are great signs of labor train!   I don't have...
She is just perfect, beep! She looks so peaceful and alert already!
  We're still trying to figure out his eye color...we have a kid with blue and a kid with brown....River is our tiebreaker, and as the resident blue-eyed contributor, I bet you can guess what I am rooting for!
Bromache - I love the comment about the chocolate cake!  with DD2, she was overdue, so beginning on her EDD, I made a different "birthday cake" every night and said when she tasted her favorite, she'd come out.  It turns out that cookie pie is favored over black bottom cupcakes and baklava.  Just sayin'.    Also, when this was going on, DH conjectured that it was just the cumulative weight of 3 desserts weighing on top of her that made her pop out.   dakipode - PMS was a...
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