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Bummer, we are North of Auburn....My youngest is not vaxed against anything....she's 19mo old...almost 20mo old...My older 3 have been vaxed but they still have that chance of getting it...We want the chicken pox... :-)
My first 2 boys are circ'd and i am expecting again, i do believe this one will be another boy. Gut feeling is telling me so...and if so i will NOT circ him. I did what i thought was right for my 2 boys because i was going by what my mom was telling me...how its much cleaner if you get it done...and he won't have any infections....and blah blah blah... I regret having it done to them. my 9yr old has burried penis syndrome...and i know he will be teased when he get's...
ok I am the friend she is talking about...I had to remember my log in information.... That is what i thought that the vaccine is only available in DTaP   I am not going to vaccinate....I am just going to stick to my guns...
She finally pooped...It was not hard..but pasty and soft some of it was runny and she EXPLODED out of her diaper...That's what last Mondays was as well (a big explosion)..I even called the dr and he said he wasn't concerned...It was a mix of Green and Yellow.
I have DD2 wrapped in a Halo Sleepsack for Newborns(it also wraps around their arms) and she lays in the middle of both DH and I (we also have a king size bed, so there's plenty of room between the both of us) Her crib is sidecared to our bed but she would rather sleep next to me so I would rather have a good nights rest and not be up every 1-2 hours.   I am sleeping on my side arm up over my head. I also nurse so I switch sides in the middle of the night as well.
She getting supplemented with Enfamil Gentlease I make a 4oz but she only ends up drinking 3 of those 4oz. She's got a ton of wet diapers. Still nursing her every 2 hours. She was slow to gain weight but she's getting there now.
She's breastfed with 4 feedings of me supplementing. I have tried checking her temp to get her to go but apparently she likes having foreign objects in there and didn't even try to push it out . So what else can i do for her to make her go poo. She doesn't seem to be in any discomfort. So i have no idea
ok to get back to some of what you guys said...things got a little better after she went back to work....my brother didn't end up having to go to NJ for work...instead they sent him to West Palm Beach in Fl....he and GF and baby went with him...GF quit her job at work cause when she was pregnant with baby she had lots of morning sickness and was out of work a lot...they stacked the points on her when she returned back to work. But anyways...Last weekend my mom invited them...
Mine tingle too...and I did not have a c-section and i am not on any antibiotics and lo isn't either...They like throb and tingle(like the sensation of your foot/hand or any apendage falling asleep)
I am taking Motherslove Special Blend, I am filling my 32oz water bottle everytime its empty...so its about every 2 hours or so. I am also trying oatmeal with cookies(cause i do not like oatmeal by itself) I met with the LC last wednesday for outpatient consult..She weighed her before i fed her and she was 8lbs 3oz I fed her for 15 min on one side and 15 on the other and she weighed her again and she was 8lbs 5oz (in grams though she told me she only gained 1 oz. So she's...
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