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I don't watch it. I have watched it in my childhood but now, I find out what's going on on the internet and who has how many medals and what Phelps and Bolt have to say but sitting and watching TV has not been my cup of tea. I don't see what's snobbish about that! I do play old shows/movies on netflix or on DVDs but only as a background score to doing dishes or folding clothes.Or even falling asleep. At 15, I actually made my mom get cable removed. Just your average...
Thanks for the info about miscarriages and nursing not being connected in your cases.
I am one of those that go into parenthood not having any real expectations other than the cuddles of a sweet small human being. And sleepless nights and poopy bottoms.   I just knew that I wanted to breastfeed, give it all I can to make it work. Never thought I'd go past infancy but did, because neither she nor I thought it was time to stop.   But just lately, I've been feeling like I cannot do this anymore. She's 2y 3 mo. She'll be 2y 6 mo I am sure at least, by...
Grrreat! Glad that's solved!
That you wanted to take her, so either you go along or she finds something else or you suggest something else to her. Something your dd will like.
Homemade Mac and cheese with spinach or broccoli thrown in. Toast with hummus and cucumber slices. Toast, hard-boiled egg, some raw veggie. If dressing is required, it is usually a dash of ACV or of lemon juice. Rice and lentils, cooked with some veggies tossed in, seasoned with cumin and crushed black pepper. Lentil soup. Tortilla piled with mashed cooked beans, cheese and grated (some) veggies, baked until cheese bubbles. Pasta with pesto. I keep at least one or two...
1 child 27 months and counting. These days it may be as little as once in 2 days for a few min or as much as 4x a day with looooong sessions. I am not even sure how much she's getting but I never did know. Pumping did not work very well for me.
I have the same problem with my almost 27 year old. Well, almost, not quite.    We've always shared a bed and she's nursed down for naps and night sleep. But these days, she'll nurse but nothing, when it comes to sleep. It's taking hours to make her fall asleep. I am so sleep deprived, it's not funny. As is my husband. AND DD. We've become a bunch of raging crazy individuals. Earlier, if she was sleepy enough, she would fall asleep in the stroller. Now, it takes an...
Hello all, I haven't logged in in a while. We've been having horrid sleep issues and I am a mess as is my 2 year old. But that's material for a different forum.    Thanks for your responses!   I saw the plunger video, thanks. I mainly wanted to hand wash the diapers a few times, in a pinch. So, I was wondering what people did. I suppose it isn't that common to do so, these days, eh?
Dear friends,   I find the need to hand wash diapers a few times a week and was wondering if anyone can suggest how you go about doing so. From removing the diapers to washing and drying.   If you don't use prefolds, I'd still like to hear about your routines.   Thanks!
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