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Thanks, Cynthia! Perhaps I'll just cook a dish and then freeze. That should work I suppose!
I just got back from the farmer's market and have a few vegetables that I'd like to freeze. Not for a long time like many with gardens/farms do. Just for a couple of weeks. I wish that cut vegetables in the frig would retain nutrients but they don't.   I have: zucchini, cauliflower, mushrooms, cabbage, spinach, fennel, tomatoes, carrots, beetroots, asparagus.   I would love to sit up tonight and cut them all up and freeze in ziplock bags for use later in the...
I use a Futura stovetop one. Works great. I found it at Walmart a few years ago, in Canada. I bet you'll find it in the US too.
Is it ok to give raw honey to a two year old? Dd is a restless sleeper and loves honey. But I don't want her to lose weight!!!
I'll give you names of the dishes too, so that you can google and find recipes that suit you and your kitchen the best.   If mung beans are a go - mung bean crepes or pesarattu. soak, sprout, grind to paste with salt and/or spices, spread, cook, eat. I am sure you can freeze the batter. I've never tried it that way, though.   Chickpea salad or Indian chickpea salad with channa chat masala (available in any Indian store).   Chole, rajma. Chickpeas/kidney...
How bad is your allergy kid's reaction to lentils? Have you ever tried fermented lentils? Can they eat mung beans? Chickpeas? If any of the above is true, I can give you many Indian food ideas.
Chickpeas, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, black beans, navy beans...lentils, etc. You need to soak the dry beans, discard the water, cook (if you aren't sprouting, that is). If sprouting, sprout and cook (or not? I am not sure; not cooking makes my bowels go haywire).   You need iron also along with protein as your iron source has been cut off as well. Luckily, all of these beans and lentils are good sources of iron. Add greens and you're good to go. hth! Always...
That's what it seemed like but I ordered a moby anyway because there is most probably no one there to help her.   Thank you so much for your suggestions, you wonderful mamas!
Hello, in Indian cooking, we use various kinds of split lentils a lot. Most often, without the skin of the lentil. So, it can never be sprouted. Now, I had read a long time ago that soaking destroys the gas-forming chemicals in the lentils. So I have been trying to soak the lentils before use. But if it could never come alive, would soaking still be useful?
The main reason to give milk alternates is for what they are fortified with, PP. Not for what the food itself has to offer, although it doesn't hurt when the plant is a nutritional powerhouse too.   OP, quite often, when one has lactose intolerance, cheese and/or yogurt are well-tolerated. This is true even of a dairy protein intolerance. Making yogurt is ridiculously easy. Even more so than sprouting. PM me if you'd like a recipe for trying it out. But of course,...
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