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One thing? Kindercoat - enabled me to take public transport with ease in frigid weather.   Beco, Bummis prefolds, mommy milk - no waste, always fresh, best for babe: what's not to love!   Intangible possession: my reduce, reuse, repurpose, no plastics upbringing!!! Priceless!
I am puzzled by this delaying grains thing. In Asia, all babies traditionally get grains right from the get go.
Once a week. We're thinking of increasing it to twice a week, now that she's fast approaching a year. It used to be 3x a week in summer, when she was born. It was very hot here last summer. This summer, she may get it everyday. But we don't use soap on her that often. Only a natural mix of bath powders.
Farrah Skye, It crowds out nutritious foods. Whole fruit is better than juice, which loses nutritional content very rapidly after extraction.   DD - no wheat, oatmeal, barley, eggplant (I recently developed skin irritation when I cut it but eat it anyway :-)), okra, egg white, milk as a drink, berries other than blueberries (blueberries are not true berries), straight up citrus, no juice for as long as I can prevent her. She does eat whole milk yogurt, she's had...
My brother and SIL bought a kind of chocolate that isn't available in the States from elsewhere and gave it to cousins. Teens/young adults. Their response? Yuck! Who eats that! My SIL was shocked. She carries something all the way just for them, and THAT is the reaction? If they were my kids or even my kid sisters, not younger cousins, I would have dearly liked to slap them, or ground them. I understand a 4 year old talking like that and that just calls for gentle...
I started just today and caught exactly 1 - as soon as we came home - she had been in the carrier and did pee once into her diaper while out. It was quite cold and quite unreasonable to expect a baby to hold it in for 1 h 30 min, of course! 2 other times, I just took her into the bathroom to give her the opportunity, and she peed right after I brought her out. What's up with that???
(HUGS) Mama! I completely understand your feelings. I had a slow labor - 10 days past - induction - fetal distress - C-section 11 days past due date as well. And I empathize. I've heard enough labor trauma stories since that I also understand that fear. However, out of these traumatic stories, my colleague just had a marvellous birthing experience after a very traumatic experience the first time. No complications, not a tear. Likewise, my SIL. I do not think you're a...
Well, even family members, only if they ask.
I would just say thank you and give it to someone who does like it or donate it. Unless the person asks for my choice in clothes. Or gifts. I would be very annoyed if someone I am not very close to in the first place were to tell me that that isn't something they would use for their child after the effort I put in, trying to find it. Someone close, yes, I would want to know, because I do very much care about their using things I buy for them.
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