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It didn't last for DD's sleep either, Gingerbean.
GingerBean, some babies DO sleep really through the night at less than 6 months. There was a time when DD would consistently sleep from 9.30 pm-5.30 am (8 hours), wake for a feed, then sleep till 7 am. Now, if 8 h isn't sleeping through the night, I don't know what is. I never tried to sleep train her. It just happened. The key to her sleeping truly through the night seems to be my going to bed with her and staying there, which is likely to give 7-8 h (if she is fully...
No, pretty much, we're always in the room. Or, put her in the crib, where she'll sleep for an hour at most even at night. We just worry that she'll wake up and see us, and that's a mood killer. She's 11 months old.    How did you sidecar the crib to the bed? Would you know what kind of rails are safe and good?   Thanks for your responses!
But if baby's in the bed, how do you go to a different room? Or is it floor of the same room? Our room isn't very big :-(.
When can they begin to understand it? I am always in the same room as she is and if I am cooking, I let her be in the kitchen with me. I don't do any heavy duty cooking while alone with her. Just toss some rice and lentils into a pressure cooker on a back burner and get out. So, until I turn the stove on, it is pretty much just measuring and rinsing. If I HAVE to be in a different room, I put her in her in a crib - about the only use we have for it. But there are moments...
We bedshare and am now wondering - how do you find the privacy to make another baby?
She's just not getting it. I caught her trying to pull a plug out of the socket today. She is 11 months old, and I am not sure if she understands when I tell her that something is dangerous. I am not sure how to convey the message. I know that I should be watching her at all times, but I shudder to think what she'll do if I go into the kitchen for a second.
DD did that just about 2-3 months ago, and I finally figured that she needed a good solid dinner. She's 2 months older than yours. That helped her sleep better.   We cosleep and I still do nurse her 2-3 times at night. It used to be 8-10 times!
But how do you nurse a baby during take-off and landing? Doesn't he/she have to be strapped into her child seat or your lap (depending on whether or not he/she has a seat or not)?
I am very grateful for this thread. Now that DD is 11 months old, we're thinking about planning for #2. Not this minute, but in 2-3 months. My source of birthing trauma was the fear I felt when I heard her heart beat begin to slow down. It didn't leave until well into motherhood and the fear made it very difficult for me to bond. I had just shut down the attachment part of me to protect myself from breaking down. This was similar to what happened when I lost my father at...
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