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Thank you everyone!!! We are doing great and he is nursing awesome! He is down to 6lbs 11 oz now but I am expecting a nice weight gain at his 2 week checkup since my milk came in good. He is sooo tiny that NONE of my cloth diapers fit him- my NBsize bummis superbrite are WAY to big on him- he has like NO rise or butt...lol! So for now we are having to use some NB sposies with the front folded WAY down until he gains some weight! I want to use my cloth! :-)
Well our son arrived at 36 weeks gestation- thankful I held him in for those extra 2 weeks because he did have some minor breathing issues and some temp issues in the first 24 hrs...but those did resolve and he was able to come home friday evening! He was born at 3:59 pm and weighed in at 7 lbs 3oz and was 21" long! He was premature and everyone was amazed at his big boy size! They said it did help him to be bigger! :0) The labor info~ basically I kept having...
HI everyone!   I am so happy to be in my second trimester as of today!! Still have some light nausea but it improves everyday....started weaning off my progesterone last week and will continue to slowly wean till I am off completely in another week....feeling baby thump around a bit off and on but nothing regular yet. Next midwife visit and sonogram is Dec 27th! Hope to find out what we are having then! :-)
I felt my last baby at 13 weeks. I hope to feel this one early too!
I am having to take zofran too- otherwise I will throw up all day and all night with this baby. It's listed as a very safe medication. I figure better to take the meds than starve the baby of vital nutrients!
Take care mama!! So sorry for you loss!!
So happy today!! We saw our baby on the sonogram today- baby measured one day ahead and had a nice strong heartbeat! It is finally starting to feel real!!! I am so sick though with nausea so they are starting me on zofran.
We plan to find out- I have with all my kids. We would love to have a boy this time since our last one was a girl....but honestly with my history I just want a healthy take home baby!! :-)
Well if it's a boy it will be named after my dh- no option there...lol! But his nickname would be TJ... For a girl~ we aren't too sure on a girls name just yet- tossing around some ideas... Grace will be the middle name... perhaps Scarlett Grace? I dunno yet.
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