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can you describe the Waldorf style of learning for a 3-6 yr old.
Got any input? So i am in the process of switching midwives for well women care and I called the hospital where I had my son via C/S and was told that i would have to pay &$15.99 plus $1.25 per page for copies of my complete medical record and ditto for my sons. This really irritates me that the legal language surrounding the right to access my info is so vague. I do not find those charges to be a "reasonal fee". What should I say or who should I talk to to avoid...
aI have the mirena iud- the hormone based one and if i was to pay for it out of pocket( 3 years ago in MN) the approx cost was $750. to me that is very cost effective for 5 years of BC. there is also a non hormone based copper iud available.
I know just being 42w isn't a reason to transfer care or to be worried. with my previous experience even after I had bio's and NST which both show babe,placenta,fluids where fine and so was I, it was the only conclusion that I came to for the reason I was risked out since I didn't get an explanation other than " i am no longer able to have you under my care"
i am black, my husband is white, our son is, as he says in his 3 year old wisdom "kinda whitish--tan". people who don't know us say DS looks "just like his dad". those who know us well can tell, though my sons skin color may be more like his dads, his features(and hair) are mine. At first glance to strangers im sure they dont see beyond the obvious. i can understand though to have the validations that you get from others noticing the resemblance. Sometimes i...
thanks for the good input. I agree about finding someone that meets my needs. when I was pregnant with my son, my DH and I interviewed a few MW and really "clicked" with one. We went with her, but unfortunately what I found out was that I "clicked" with her personality-she was easy to talk to/easy going and to be honest, she looked like what I imagined a MW would look like ( i know, a bit lame/shallow)...turns out I didnt ask the hard questions about her...
Any MN mama's here in the Twin Cities?
Anyone care to tell me their experiences with Jeanne for homebirth?
AngelBee I live in Mounds View. I don't really have much else to say right now, just noticing where people are at!
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