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      19 weeks 5 days 
I think we should make the chat a semi-private zone, like some of the forums where you need a minimum number of posts to participate    I find when I visit in there, there is a few members that join and write messages to stir the post, or make no sense or are inappropriate, most of the members may not have any posts at all    WDYT?     just a suggestion 
Mrs. Koehn your here to!     That is funny, im posting it on facebook 
This is what I've been thinking!    I have a newborn on the way and a 3 yr old, and thought oh gosh, theres pertussis outbreaks all over Canada right now....I know how i feel about vaccines, but should I?    Then I saw the link on the mothering page for the pertussis video (the link didnt work) however i was googling a bit, and thought the same thing   Well, if the vaccine works, why is there an outbreak? Because of all us "crazy jenny mccarthy reading nuts"...
It's alright! I keep thinking..wow, im not that big? Then BAM growth spurt and i pop out, they say it depends on the position inside, your is coming up I bet!           Just starting 18 weeks, really felt the rolling and bumps this past week!  I thought it was funny, baby is all in one area lol....like flat BUMP flat *note...stretch marks were edited out* 
   those pictures just sold me, im giving it a go
I am 17 weeks with my second and I don't feel kicks ( like the big ones you get with a further- along baby) but movement and wiggles became really apparent this week, my 12 week ultrasound dated me 2 days ahead of what I thought my LMP was, I wasnt charting and had to guesstimate At 9 weeks, after DTD, me and my dp, if we pushed down just above my public bone felt "bump, bump, wiggle" too
  I delivered in Markham with my DS, and the tech showed me and asked "what do you think it is?" and it was a very obvious boy, I hope to goodness the tech does the same in my little rural community hospital   I will be 20 weeks at mine, I knew my first was a boy, there are 4 generations of mothers (my mom, her mom, her mom's mom,etc) of 3 boys and a girl, but this time I think it's a girl, i didnt see anything hanging down at the 12 week ultrasound    twin girls is going...
Thanks everyone! I guess its just fun to wonder for now :) 16 more days until we can peek and see    I did the ring test, and it definitely was going in circles, even if i tried to keep my hand so still.    The chinese calendar was wrong for my first    I know the heart rate is no good, my 1st had a high one and was a boy   I personally think its a girl, but we just have boys in our family   You could make out my first's gender at 12 weeks, no really!...
I've really popped out in the last week! This is 16 1/2 weeks 
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