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  Absolutely! Were over the year point now, for us it was all about understanding how we each like to be cared for, how to approach and how to talk so the other will not feel upset or attacked. We had this natural attraction to work together well with household tasks, like fixing things up or dishes, laundry, etc. and especially with parenting.    We went into the relationship seeking long-term commitment to marriage, and we feel blessed we found it, no matter what, we...
Is there any truth to these?   I know the chinese chart wasnt right with my first, I didnt do the ring test with my first but the heart rate one wasn't correct either   What about morning sickness, is it true if you have it bad its a girl?      I know they arent truly accurate but the wait it killing me! 
I havent grown much, its just getting harder!    Here is 15 1/2 weeks   
I think we're for sure on these!     For a boy Atticus   For a girl Sierra    Atticus's middle name might be Emmanuel (because this baby is a blessing!)    Sierra's middle name might be Clara, but then she would be Sierra-Lee Clara ( Clara is my grandmothers and great-grandmothers middle name)    We'll know more after the ultrasound on the 31st! 
Thank you!     I am keeping his dreads in, but am just using neglect method, so the the top of his hair is still soft curls that have yet to dread, so that needs to stay a bit conditioned, however I find that as his hair has gotten longer and more mature its not a big puff puff like it once was.   Aloe is a great idea, I think ill cut down on the coconut oil and see where it ends up   The back of his hair is locking up BEAUTIFULLY!    I find alot of the...
Love Playmobil!     We own the Top Agent set and he won the boat in a contest and we have the Ice Cream Parlour too!   I keep the tiny parts he tends to pull off in a ziploc, it is so expensive but their is so much detail in it, they are amazing toys!
I havent coloured in 5 years! But i have gotten "summer" highlights twice, last job was terribly done and ruined my natural do    Scared to get more done! 
      I agree!!    momma2beaugirls, youve handled the negativity ALOT better than I ever could or better than most here. Ive seen your responses, and their classy and you seem unfazed, FANTASTIC!!
  I really liked it for all the metaphors it gives, it was well done, the firefighting scenes had me really in suspense. The lessons were fantastic, I am so thankful to be in a relationship that is like the one that is taught, but it is great to see those principles demonstrated on film.    Mrs. Koehn, I tried watching Courageous but it wasnt available on youtube! Ill look up the others for download, I want to watch fireproof with my DP next    mamaecho, I hope your...
I have never regretted it, I knew i wouldn't be doing it and the bio dad wasn't himself and he agreed too.    My DP isnt snipped now, and neither will any of my boys.   Never had an issue with our little guy, DP knows the ins and outs so he can teach the boys when their older     My trick for getting other people to become anti-circ is call them a penis mutilator and get them to sit through a circumcision video. (Well, depends if you know them well...worked...
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