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I just watched fireproof, that movie is just amazing! 
That is amazing!!   
Thank you! I think so, I truthfully don't know what really prompted me...I think hours resting from severe morning sickness and a laptop will do it! I continually feel i need to accept traits that make up me, when maybe im just too....something to change them. But i am enjoying the feeling that is coming about!  Thanks sosurreal09! good to see you too, we normally stand on the same side in alot of areas on MDC  Congrats on the new sweet baby!! 
I find children movies disney, pixar's etc have become very dark, cruel and violent over time.    Look at the Toy Story series, if anyone has seen it.   1st one...Sid is mean, but they get em! nothing dark besides that   2nd one....the whole movie is arguing and fighting, you literally see buzz get punched in the face by another toy    3rd one.....they escape a jail like daycare centre with a evil teddy bear   Then theres a movie like the Shrek...
changed it Adaline'sMama...My writing gets the best of me sometimes, I rather you point it out than an admin!  lol 
        Women were NOT given abortions for the use of vaccines....I did not imply that, it is not true   An abortion kills a baby(they are harmed).....that tissue is used to harvest vaccines....that is injected into your child's bloodstream beginning at 2 months, thats all that comment stated.    They also use fetal pig tissue and harvest in horses, apparently all molecules are filtered out upon completion     All of this information is from Your Child's Best Shot book,...
        Im sure the aborted and killed babies were harmed....you know a few vax's are harvested with fetal abortion tissue right? ew and cruel 
Hey Mamas! I've never posted in here before, I wouldnt call myself a Christian either, but I am feeling very compelled to apply Christian based convictions and principles in my life and I am loving it!   I find the language of Christianity is very strong for me, I enjoy lessons from the bible but I do not believe in it, if that makes sense without being insulting to those who do in this thread!   I am wanting to talk about God and being a godly women, and I...
 Thank you very much for the heads up    I think its a combination of 1st trimester headaches and dizziness as the blood is rushing to the pelvis and not so much in my head, and its been a very humid and hot summer so its easy to feel weak and tired, lots of water keeps me going,    I have had a ultrasound now and to my best knowledge, there wasnt any apparent red flags and I have had pain in my stomach, I spoke with my MD and she suggested it the tendons stretching and...
I think facebook is going to go crazy about it Adaline'sMama, since its twins!!   I waited until 3 months and I didnt want to, but it was getting to hard saying i cant go places because i had doctors appointments and things like that, my mom asked when we're getting married lol and my dad said oh god and walked away, overall they came around alot faster this time than with my first 
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