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Ok, we have told everyone by making it facebook official!    I first did by changing my profile picture to this   And DP wrote this with a pic of our ultrasound on his profile...I thought it was very sweet        We have friends kind of everywhere, so facebook was the best way, and anyone who doesnt agree....we dont get to see their first reaction! 
Thanks JessNP   The baby had their hands up close to their face alot in the ultrasound, i didnt see thumb sucking, but they could do it often, maybe their just being bashful lol 
  12 weeks and 5 days, that jean button is hard to do up now! 
Hey I have natural neglect dreads forming on my soon-to-be 3yr old but I find they have that dusty colour, where it looks dingy and dusty, almost like lint stuck   We use earth mama angel baby shampoo and avalon peppermint conditioner, and dr. bronners coconut oil for daily tidiness    The back of his hair is dreads, the front is curls, what can i use? I asked to take a pic of his "bob marley" hair but he was running around for fun lol, I was just able to snap...
  Here's our little cupcake at 12 weeks, 5 days 
the wait is over! got to see that we have a healthy baby    just one! lol not two, and ive been cramping so i was happy to see a heartbeat, im 12wks, 5 days, so im nearly a week ahead of what i thought, I do have a jan.26 due date....but i snuck into here expecting to go over my due date and this dd club seemed to very active and friendly  
  I know, I never knew of why women refuse them, I like to see the baby for bonding, and I want to know baby has all his limbs in place and is healthy   Its tricky because you have to pay out of pocket for all those visits and tests, I understand avoiding certain things for that (which is a crazy concept for Canadians!! Even midwives are covered, y'all dont know what your missing, its cruel to make people pay to access care)   I booked a midwife and shockingly, I will be...
My DP just told me a friend of his SIL is as far along or near to me, shes taking diclectin and still severely sick, apparently her doctor told her thats common in multiple births, when there is still severe sickness with the pill     thanks DP    I dont believe thats completely true, talking to other moms it seems it still happens, i am still sick very often, physically throwing up over 5x a day, but my belly is not particularly bigger....my moms brothers were...
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