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Still hiding it from the family over here, my belly isnt big so its easy to hide for now 
Holy leukorrhea! lol   I dont remember it kicking in until 2nd trimester, but im getting close to crossing over at near 11 weeks, just picked up in the last few days 
awww she's precious!! Congrats!   My son is mixed race, hes english and irish from me and jamaican and nova scotian black/native      I am expecting number 2 with his "daddy" who isnt biologically related, but has been an amazing father to him since he was 1 yr and half     many, many people spin around and look twice when our DS calls a white man daddy, and with the bun in the oven being white, it might raise questions with him, but not right now..he's...
Thanks so much! I tried taking 2 at once this morning and I havent been sick at all!!
Ill talk with the midwife, i picked up some candied ginger to try but i havent thrown up at all yet today!!!! It feels amazing!!!!  I took 2 pills together when I woke up instead, i feel a little sick now but I can take another one if I need it, weight is a bit better since i havent gotten rid of a few meals now
No kidding about the drowsiness! I am exhausted, like its difficult to keep my eyes open   It helped at first, now this is my 3rd day and i still am throwing up...I can take 4 pills a day and I need all 4, sigh...hopefully it gets better 
  Im feel this way too, I am SOOO hungry....I just want to eat, but even when im resting I feel like barfing, let alone getting up into a kitchen, I feel helpless too, and I was just prescribed the meds for it, it helped a bit but not like I thought it would....I mean what do you do when the meds dont even help?? I am hoping and prayin that this ends at the magical 12 weeks   I had toast and milk yesterday for breakfast, threw up the milk, I had a blt and homefries out...
I had to get a TB screening for work related purposes, and mentioned I havent been able to meet with my midwife and dont have an ultrasound for a few weeks, could they use the doppler to make sure everything is healthy     the ER doc said 10 weeks is too early to use a doppler.....sigh, it was worth a try....but i didnt think that was true, still waiting....for another 3 weeks :(  
I got my diclectin prescription! My drug plan only covered half, its like $1 a pill but it didnt erase my nausea and vomiting, but it is much better! I actually ate dinner last night! I was on a 72 hour kick where nothing stayed down, including water! so feels good to eat something
stopped to buy my LO a treat in a candy store   I walked out with more for me than him   Nerds, skittles and sweet tarts...I swear eating candy is the only thing i dont puke up! love it I havent boughten candy in a long time!
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