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Extra creamy Kraft dinner    it tasted so delicious
aww I dont have mine until the 19th of July   Ill be 12 weeks...cant wait to see and hear baby...it seems so long not to have anything 
Thank you so much, i have emailed every centre and am hoping for the best, if not then ill give it my best shot to avoid a c-section and coach myself, might just end up at the Leduc hospital, but thank you soo much for your help!!!   that Lucina centre is beautiful!
I was 145 with my first and put on 65 pounds! I didnt have morning sickness and had a 7 lb, 7 oz baby   I went between 170-175 in the first weeks before my test, now with my second and am down a few pounds from vomiting and hover in the 167-169 range, I am hoping to put on the smallest amount of weight possible! 
Hello! I am looking for midwife care in Leduc, Ill be moving there shortly and am currently expecting.....Id appreciate any suggestions! Thanks so much 
Thats a good idea, My DP is supportive of whatever crazy ideas i normally have lol, but watching the business of being born is a great idea!   I would adore a homebirth, the ob/gyn before I was released from hospital told me to book my c-section next time I get pregnant...i was just  20 yrs old at the time!   I really dont know whats going to happen this time for me, I dont even care if its at a friends house, anywhere but the hospital. Everything you see in...
Oh thanks so much! Your actually being a HUGE help to guide me around the new city!   Can you recommend any midwives or birth centre in or around Leduc? me and my DP have a new goal of me and our babies out there for September 1st, September will be my 5th month and Im worried about finding midwife care   Is there anything I should know about health cards? Is my ontario health card valid there for a bit? Enough to seek a midwife? 
Thank you! I could be crazy, but it felt like movement not just gas bubbles lol    Yes JoyfamMama, i had a different profile then but I do believe I posted in there    I felt it in and around my c-section incision where there really isnt much quality skin, I barely have feeling in the area so I guess the skin was thin and weak so it was easy to feel for my DP    Im very excited to feel it again   we felt it after DTD....maybe the baby's like "hey!! quit...
I am 10 weeks monday and last night I felt all kinds of "bumps" and wiggles, It was right above my pubic bone, I had my DP place two fingers around the area and he felt it too!   It was movement, low in my belly, I felt "flutters" at 12-13 weeks with my first, so I guess with no muscles there now I can feel it early   It was exciting! It felt like baby moving to me 
This is my belly at the beginning of 9 weeks, what normally is a post c-section saggy bag of skin is now looking rounder and less saggy--its baby! This is my second pregnancy   
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