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Nice thread!   It wont be my last, but it's my second, so I feel I have things I want to do now that i know what to expect   I am on a grooming kick...its like a compulsion, I know once I have the baby, things like eyebrow plucking and tending to my feet are a luxury so I have been doing alot of that and plan to get in some pedicures and hair cuts   I also want to give my son lots and lots of mommy time, I wont be able to give to him as much after, so...
Ive felt them too! I was thinking it was too early as well, with my DS1 i felt them at 12/13 weeks...who knows...but its charming! 
I see my midwife next tuesday @ 10 weeks, hoping she'll bring out the doppler! and is hoping to get me in for my 3 month ultrasound next week or soon after   very excieted to end the twin curiosity 
thanks so much! Diclectin is the only medication deemed safe in Canada for morning sickness, so its the only prescription option for me   I am shocked, I woke up feeling like i needed to run to go puke, but tried the crackers before you get up routine, and this is the first day I havent thrown up in weeks!!! I think it worked, i was feeling sick later in the day but since I wasnt throwing up, i had good hunger and ate well, i hope this works instead!    Today was...
im glad your ok, i was so offended for you, i broke the UA   that article is hilarious! thanks for sharing
I have been throwing up 6-10 times a day for 4 weeks now and dont feel I am keeping any sort of nutrients down. I have a stomach ache alot which the pain and bloating triggers me to feel sick. I havent moved past eating bananas, bread and crackers for a while now. My midwife says she can give me a diclectin prescription next week at my first visit, but I have no idea what that will do to me or the baby. What are the side effects?
why is saying a mother is unwise for getting pregnant acceptable?
I cannot get any relief from throwing up, the midwife said if i need a prescription, i can have it...but i didnt want to take prescription drugs....is it harmful?
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