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Congrats to you July conceivers :d Unfortunately I received AF and will be trying again next month....a bit earlier this time....GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
Miss Scarlet\Fivegrandbaby\wherli---fingers crossed for you!!! Thanks escher---I am feeling nauseous for the first day today but it could be bad food or somethin...i'm not going to overreact over every potential sympton during the 2ww. :P. I have one more week before I test...so fingers crosssed I hope we all get BFPs!!!!!!!!
Thank you AmandaMom, and Scarlett it's fresh sperm. I used a children's oral syringe 10mm which sucked up everything and seemed to work fine. I stayed elevated until I couldn't feel my legs ! Thanks for the luck guys--I need it! You know it's bad when you're re-reading Today's Parent for the umpteenth time!
Thank you Library, and about the home robbery...that's the most awful thing ever. I hope the jerk is caught and arrested (and your stuff and DP stuff returned!)
I'm on the 2WW list now. Ohhhhh the agony of not knowing ....!!! Hope I'm sperminated!! Wish me luck all!
I'm inseminating starting tomorrow morning! I'm so nervous !!!!!!! Mostly because I'm doing it by myself until Wednesday when DP comes back from Europe. Congratulations to all you July conceivers you special ladies, you! And for all you other ladies--keep on trying! Don't be down because this WILL happen. Talk to you guys soon!! PS. Anybody else trying with a children's oral medicine syringe? That's all they had at the pharmacy!
Quote: Originally Posted by LibraryLady My temp went back up to 97.73 but it was still BFN. I no longer trust my body nor the process. Hope everyone else has a better day and much better luck. Sorry to hear!!!
Good luck!!! *cross fingers*
Hey everyone! Keep in there MissScarlett. Insemination time is always nerve wracking!!! Today I quit the Metformin because it was making me really crampy, but I'm continuing the Dexamethasone although what I REALLY need is some Clomid but I have to take it on day 5 of my cycle so for my August cycle if I'm not preggers. All you women on Clomid...good LUCK and I hope you get twins! Double the love! I have been eating super-super healthy all fish and veggies, fresh...
Quote: Originally Posted by wehrli COCO... I'M SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY FOR YOU AND YOUR DP!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! i saw a pic of the ultrasound in the Q&P thread... simply beautiful! enjoy every moment, mama. TWINS? Wow. Lucky!!! Congrats!
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