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It sounds like he is maybe still in his infant bucket (babyseat?)...
All the side impact protection isn't going to help is she mature enough to be sitting properly in an accident and submarines down and out of her belt. I would take it to the dealer and get the tether point installed, I think Ford might be one of the companies who does it for free still. The Frontier must be tethered at a certain weight anyway...if she outgrew the RA by weight she must be over 45lbs. Anyone else know the weight the FR85 must be tethered? You might need...
My rule is when my child outgrows the seat RF they turn around.
Sorry to crash... How does that learning curve Compass work as a booster Well? My dd is almost 5and in a True Fit now. She isn't in danger of outgrowing ff (she is 50lbs) it BUT it would be awesome to have another booster in the car for other children when she isn't in there!
You want a lot of towels because you don't know how many times you might get in and out of the tub, you know? And then towels to cover the babe once born, in the tub if you're in there or in bed if you're there. I have three water labor but only one water birth. The other two just were not doing it for me in the tub
It is required by federal standards that car seats are treated with flame retardants...so they all are.
It means once he weighs 22 lbs he is too heavy . Make sure you ds hasn't outgrown it by height as well. What convertible do you have? Most can be adjusted using a pool noodle or a rolled up towel under the front. And to answer you original question, its when a child has good head control you can change the angle.
OMG! That is really just as bad as it sounded in your description isn't it? Poor guy!
Here in the States it is shoulders at or above slots for rear facing and at or below slots for forward facing. Has something to do with spine compression...
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