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I really think so much of it depends on the kid. My oldest was riding her bike alone at age 7 on our road...my son who will be 7 the end of March...no way! He doesn't have the impulse control to hold his line in the road. I do let him roam the pasture alone and he climbs trees like crazy. However, we also don't live in a neighborhood...we live in a rural area and that has its own challenges (mainly people lost driving to fast on our driveway/road and animal dangers like...
And just to piggyback on what georgia said, members may share their own experiences and feelings about these experiences. You don't have to agree with the way each member processes her experience but that also doesn't mean it is against the forum guidelines or out of the context of this thread:) Each woman here is unique and each woman here has something to add to the firmament of support. Let's heal and support without judgment
Your best bet would be to apply for organizer status now (we have a new process for verification that takes a bit) and then you can apply for your coop to go on the calender 3 months in advance or Heather would then verify that the company allows group buys directly from them and then we would be good to go I looking forward to a Family Pastimes next holiday season myself!
Is there a Sunflower Market near you? I think they have a couple in Texas...They have decent natural meats and a good selection of organics...plus all the canned and such you need. Finding them was a life saver for my family (really, I shop the sale flier and plan meals that way) so we could keep eating well on very little money.
Then by all means sell and move! Colorado would love to have you AND could sure use the extra tax revenue when you re-buy everything! Good luck on your move!
I;m moving this to the main fertility board.
There are jobs in Colorado (well just a little my dh has been put of work since July)...it would depend where you are moving in CO and where you are moving from. CO is a higher cost place to live compared to a lot of the rest of the nation so if you are moving from a low cost of living area, I would bring your stuff but if you are mving from a comperable place then you should be abale to buy stuff used when you get here.
Okay folks...I have removed a ton of threads that were either off topic, included debate or were personal attacks. Remember what this forum is and what it is not. The forum guidelines are posted below and are expected to be followed. Please limit your discussion to support only and story telling. It is not a place for provider bashing or debate...ever!Keep it on topic and within the guidelines and the thread can stay.
I have both radians and True fits...my daughter was RF in the TF until 3.5 years and she is a big girl...40lbs now at age 4 which is 75% for weight. My 7 year old ds is only 45 lbs lol. My youngest ds is in a premier TF. I like how much impact foam is in it, it is all around her body and it is really deep so I like it for both kids. DD is now FF in it and I like it FF as well. We have radians in my DH car, one RF for ds the younger and one ff for dd. They aren't my...
It won't affect your son's name but it will affect you since you are also liable for paying your son's medical care, no matter what your court agreement says, its a civil agreement and the rest of the system doesn't recognize it as legally binding. It happened to me, once the collection agents figured out that ex wasn't going to pay, they came after me, sued me and I ended up being garnished and having a lien put on my home As far as I know there is nothing fraudulent...
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