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not very likely
If it is a blue dye test then you do have a chance of a disappearing positive, one of the many problems blue dye tests have. I would retest with a pink dye test.
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The TF has a ratchet adjuster as well as a continues loop harness just like the complete air btw...I have two TF, a RF P and a FF standard TF and they can be a PITA to adjust if you are used to a smooth adjusting harness. I completely understand the poster with the Recaro...that has the smoothest harness adjuster ever! Just not a great seat past about a year. I loved that seat for ds from 6-12 months though! I also loved my original 40lb roundabout for oldest ds...like...
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Can you return the snug ride by any chance? I think the only way to get three across with one booster is to get one FF Radian and put the baby in a a RF Corroco (since the Radian takes up so much space front to back RF and often has install issues with Subarus RF anyway)...You also might be able to puzzle in a Complete air FF and a Corroco and possibly a a Graco MyRide (though I spent a long while trying to install a My Ride in a Forester and could not get it in RF). You...
Nope...that was the rumor but alas...I pretty active on a couple Mazda forums and the USA isn't getting the new, redesigned 5 until 2012 (it is out in Japan right now and Europe gets it this month) AND it is said by Mazda not to have the optional 7th seat for the USA market. Here is the official web pagehttp://www.mazdausa.com/MusaWeb/MAZDA5.action#/feature_viewer/seating/Ford will have a almost clone of the 5 that will have an optional 7th seat and an option for it to be...
Don't forget the lock off!
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