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Moved to LWAB...thanks!
I like Rainbo Mars...she is super mello and she teaches you how to really do a good kegal
I've told everyone! My eldest rolled her eyes at me! I guess I did turn it into the whole "this is proof that all birth control has a failure rate, yada yada" speech. She will be 14 when this one is born! I finally called my friend/midwife...I was at her dd Red Party last weekend (her dd is my dd's best friend) and it was hard for me not to start blabbing...but I didn't wan to spoil her dd day wit "work" stuff! I'll see her in late July...
Quote: Originally Posted by thepeach80 Good luck on your VBACs! This will hopefully be my 3rd hospital VBAC. Yeah! Someone from my last DDC!
My dd started staying home for short periods around ten...she is now 13 and babysits her youngers sometimes.
I drink recharge...VW is a scam! It has more sugar than most sodas.
So this is what I do...early interventions. My thoughts: Has his eyes been checked? I mean really, checked by a optometrist? My first guess is that he has a vision issue that can cause many sensory issues. I have personal experience with this one, my ds eyes are +6 and +5... Second, run, don't walk to the bookstore or library and get the books "The out of Sync Child" and "The out of Sync child has Fun." Third, have him assessed by your school district for OT and PT...
So, reality has hit...I am so nauseous! With my other three I had nausea for a couple weeks around two months...here it comes! uhhhhhh....
moved to breastfeeding!
Quote: Originally Posted by Nillarilla Hoping for an HBAC here too but I still need to discuss with mw as I don't know if she does them. If not then a natural VBAC in a hospital will do. I was trying for a homebirth last time and the baby was in distress and I passed meconium when my water broke. We had to transfer to the hospital and I had a crash c/s. My son ended up in the NICU for no reason with interventions he did not need and I did not get to...
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