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I have a kindergartener in a state that uses common core standards. No standardized testing until 2nd grade and then very little. Standards are just expectations. The district/school/teacher determine how to meet the standards and evaluate learning.
I need one!   My husband will use the mai tie when I need a break. I don't know what would work for other men. It has to be easy and a color that wouldn't attract too much attention.
I started with 3 fitted diapers and 1 cover. When I found that I was washing everyday because I wanted to use the cloth ones, I knew that I was going to stick with it. I tried a couple different ones before I committed to any one brand: a few pockets, a few all-in-ones, and a few fitteds. I bought prefolds to get us by until I could afford more diapers. They are the cheapest ones to get started with, but they aren't for everyone. I got the best millage out of the...
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